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What is the Dynmap?

A screenshot of the new world dynmap.

The Dynmap is an interactive map which shows all the MRT worlds. You can access the site by going to the MRT website and clicking on "World Map", using the in-game link given from the command /map, or using the following link: On the right you can choose the map you want to see and a few other cool things! It functions as a way to see your projects from the sky, or as a tool to locate cities and players.

There is also a separate dynmap for the Beta Server when it is online at However, this map is not rendered.

What can I use the Dynmap for?

The main aim of the Dynmap is to help people plan their cities. Thanks to it you are able to see which places you own, where you could build highways, subway lines... Also, don't hesitate to use it to make maps (by taking a screenshot)! The Dynmap will help you a lot to develop your city. By the way the best way to build well is visiting other cities, which is possible with the Dynmap!

The Dynmap currently displays all open MRT lines, premier cities, and major roads. These can be toggled on/off using the layers button in the top-left of the map.

Render Schedule

For an up to date status of the Dynmap, check the status page.

World Render Day Status
Space World Friday  ONLINE 
Old World Wednesday  ONLINE 
New World N/A Last full render was completed on November 6th, 2018. The next full render is currently unknown. Contact a staff member for a local render.
Lab World Tuesday  ONLINE 
Games World Thursday  ONLINE 
Maps World Monday  ONLINE 

As an alternative, you can also have a local dynmap render of a town/project. Politely ask a staff member in-game, and they'll be happy to do it.