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MRT Land

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Info notice.png 5th Anniversary Event:
The MRT Land community build event has concluded and the park is open. Building is still allowed but please re-read the rules, thank you!
Info notice.png
MRT Land
MRT Land Logo
MRT Land Zones.jpg
Park Layout
Project Organiser thomasfyfe
Builders TBD
Warp Located at Spawn
/warp MRT_Land (for staff)
Transit CentralLink Metro
-  C Line  to Sealane via Central City
Road Highway A4.png
- Westbound to Highway A0.png (Central City)
- Eastbound to Marblegate
Event Time
July 22, 2017 - August 5, 2017

MRT Land is a community build theme park which was built as part of the server's 5th birthday celebrations. The official event took place from July 22, 2017 to August 5, 2017; however, work on the park is ongoing. The theme park and build event was organised by thomasfyfe and officially endorsed by the MRT Server. The goal of the community build project was to be a large theme park with roller coasters and other amusements, located just East of Central City. During the first two weeks a large number of rides were creating ranging from roller coasters, static decorative rides and redstone powered mini-games. Building work is ongoing at the theme park to complete existing rides, terraforming the terrain and introducing a monorail system.


  • You may build any ride you like, provided there is space to accommodate it.
  • You must ask permission from thomasfyfe or MRT staff before building franchises, restaurants or shops.
  • Server rules apply, most notably:
    • Be kind and respectful to other players - you’ll be building within close proximity to each other, communicate your building plans and be open to compromise.
    • Respect the landscape that you are building on - we’re aiming to keep a lot of the natural terrain, don’t flatten too much of it please.

Please note: your may build may be relocated within the park for space purposes. Any major modifications will require your approval but minor modifications may be made by event organisers (e.g. adding signage, standardising paths). Incomplete builds may be removed or completed by another member if left incomplete for over 2 weeks.

Franchise Rules

  • Franchises are currently restricted, you must receive permission from event organisers (e.g. thomasfyfe) or MRT staff.
  • No copy/pasting of existing franchises please, original builds only.
  • One franchise per player.


Guidelines for the park's themed zones


  • See the map above for theming guidelines. Try to build rides appropriate to the area’s theme.
  • Your ride should have an entrance and an exit. Pathways can be connected later.

Naming Guidelines

  • Please do not name rides after existing rides.
  • Sponsored ride names are allowed but don't go overboard.
  • Unnamed rides will have a name given to them by event organisers.


Park Entrance

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
BLAST! LDShadowLord Open
Camel Race autobus22 Open

Cosmic Land

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
Space Dimension SoSo123, Hightech_TR Open
The Red Planet AP_Red Open

Pirate's Cove

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
Pirate Ships dragonbloon419 Open
Pirate Covester dragonbloon419 Open
Pirates' Cove Itz_Lego Open
Pirate Drop Red_Ray Open
Pirate's Eye SoaPuffball Closed
Log River Rapids SoaPuffball Closed
Cave of Doom time2makemymove Open
Catman Purrcat20120 Open
Pirates of the MRT Frosty_Creeper10 Open

Fantasy Land

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
Terminal Velocity Itz_Lego Open
Runaway Minecart Mayhem thomasfyfe Closed
Miner's Climb MishkaMan Open
Urban Escape CortesiRaccoon Open
That Treehouse Just_robinho Open
Crystal Labyrinth Canadian_K9 Open

Haunted Forest

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
The Drop nicbrats Open
Mine Trap MindBender15 Open
Darkness Dragonbloon419 Open
??? mintech Open
Goldstein & Co. Mining Railway AyyLion, MeetMeInSpace Open

The Plaza

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
Hi-G camelfantasy Open
Speedster Itz_Lego Open
Touchdown Jian_Zen Open
The Depths Godzilltrain Open
Revenge of the Dragon Emperor SilverBubble Open
Goomba's Revenge GrumpyGoomba9 Open
Nitro mdbro55 Open
Journey Through Sound JTrain77 Closed
Vomit Comet SubmergedSubway Open

The Boardwalk

Ride Name Builder(s) Status
Tornado mine_man_, _Kastle Open
6678KiddyCart mine_man_ Open
Boardwalk Ferris Wheel mine_man_ Open
Wooden Growler mine_man_, tarheelscouse Open
Swan Lake mine_man_, MinecraftYoshi26 Open
Power Launch mine_man_ Open


  • MRT Land was originally the name for an amusement park located on the Old World at  Y7 - O6  station founded by ariwcharles. The park was taken over by Soleurs. However, after only a year of operation was permanently shut down and demolished. The town of Palmville was founded in its place.