MRT Marina Shuttle

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MRT Marina Shuttle
Where it Goes
Route  XE8  to MRT Marina via Merchant City
Number of stations 2
Status Complete
Players involved
Main builder Tom_Pairs
Additional builders Technological99
Station MRT v5
Route Diagram

The MRT Marina Shuttle is a shuttle of the MRT Expo Line, one of 15 Lines that make up the New World MRT System. It is considered the shortest MRT Line without taking into account that it is officially considered a Branch of the MRT Expo Line.


The Marina Shuttle runs entierly within Ward 3.

City Rank Mayor Stations
Achowalogen Takachsin [Premier] Tom_Pairs  XE8  Merchant City


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png XE8 Merchant City  XE8  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png XEM MRT Marina No connections