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MRT Selfies is an organisation about taking selfies on the MRT.


If you have taken a selfie please put it in the table below

Date and time
(Time zone)
Selfie taker Other members Picture Location Other notes
Selfie list
All the time
(Paste this code)
elpmurF Everyone Foobar Station Best ever
15th April, 2014
2:45pm (GMT)
gogojakeo stoneman456, KittyCat11231 2014-04-15 14.50.50.png Kitania First one taken!
15th April, 2014
6:20pm (PST)
SonicTornado chiefbozx, KittyCat11231, Just_Robinho, Max4344 SelfieWithCoffee.png Staff Building MRT Coffee Break with friends!
May 31st, 2015
TonyTajiri camelfantasy, jphgolf4321, KittyCat11231, AP_Red, Skelezomperman, ArdyArd, Frumple, MinecraftYoshi26 Selfie.png  X0 - Z0  Central Park Ardy was wearing a derpface version of his actual skin.
31 May 2015
10:50 PM (EDT)
JohnNotTech JohnNotTech, sesese9, erty10089, RedBear47, Oj738heu, Vexpix VergilCityHallSelfie.png Vergil City Hall,  P12  Vergil Don't ask about the sheep; they're government staff.
May 31st, 2015
sesese9 JohnNotTech, Vexpix, Benie, Oj738heu,MinecraftYoshi26 Selfie1.png  V28  In Vexpix's Town Hall on the Block of Judgement
July 13, 2015
15:33 (EDT)
JohnNotTech JohnNotTech, Technological99 TechSquared.png  X0 - Z0  Central Park Central Park, on top of an elevator
July 14, 2015
8:23 PM(CDT)
jphgolf4321 jphgolf4321, bryce_am, hntredtie 2015-07-14 20.18.55.png The burning floor of one of bryce_am's buildings. Burn, baby, burn!
August 6, 2015
9:26 PM(CDT)
hntredtie hntredtie, moonman58, MIKE24DUDE, Detroit_Kitteh Redtie Selfie 1.png Vashaan Bus Terminal OMG IM SO FANCY
August 13, 2015
22:39 (BST)
CaptainChimpy CaptainChimpy, Narnia17 Selfie with Narnia.png Holiday Inn, Astoria Mah chimp skin xD
August 24, 2015
16:12 (EDT)
Camelfantasy Camelfantasy, CaptainChimpy, PresidentQWERTY 2015-08-24 16.12.33.png  C27 - EC8  Accerton AFK Box
February 26, 2016
12:12 AM (EST)
Derpy_Melon Derpy_Melon, Narnia17 Sheep.png  A2 - ZN2  Spruce Neck Utopia Armed Forces Air Fleet With Jeb Sheep ^-^
February 27, 2016
10:17 PM (EST)
Derpy_Melon Derpy_Melon, Aliksong, camelfantasy, BPL_Fan18, ItsRileyPvP 2016-02-27 22.15.10.png Undefined Location After-Math of the AFK-Plane
February 26, 2016
12:12 AM (EST)
Camelfantasy Camelfantasy, dope_cheese HeadSwitch.png  F19  Head Switcheroo
February 29, 2016
2:00 AM (PST)
HanSangYoon HanSangYoon, Aliksong, Hightech_TR, ROM5419, Steve_Bobs 250px A6 Janghwa Ramp
 M22 - M23  Janghwa City
February 29, 2016
2:00 AM (PST)
HanSangYoon HanSangYoon, Hightech_TR, ROM5419, Starcubed HSY Heads 2.png  T15  Tetrapolis
March 9, 2016
9:15 (EST)
Derpy_Melon Derpy_Melon, camelfantasy, dope_cheese Selfie666.png Game World Potty Break!
March 10, 2016
6:50 (EST)
Derpy_Melon Derpy_Melon, Bluemaster9 Selfie69.png Game World The Grief Arena
March 10, 2016
11:30 PM (PST)
HanSangYoon HanSangYoon, Starcubed, allifarki, SkyBlaze, Narnia17, ROM5419 Sonamu Janghwa.png Sonamu Janghwa Branch
 M22  Janghwa City
March 11, 2016
21:38 PM (GMT +2)
Ardyan Mjpwwf
ArmadasInchmuirBridge.png Armada
 A26  Armada
The bridge was destroyed shortly after taking of this selfie.
March 13, 2016
4:00 AM (EST)
BangtanSky BangtanSky SkySekjingiSalute.png Sekjingi Selca @ Janghwa Police
 M22  Janghwa City
BangtanSky saluting and pledging loyalty to Janghwa
March 25, 2016
11:20 PM (EST)
ModernArt ModernArt, Derpy_Melon, MIKE24DUDE, MegaMC, Sup3rGr3atGam3r Izumometro.png Izumo  C34  The New Derpy Metro Line Being Constructed In Izumo
March 26, 2016
12:08 PM (PST)
MeetMeInSpace MeetMeInSpace, Frumple, Just_robinho, _frozen, CortesiRaccoon, mikefishr MMISMeetingRoom.png Admod Building, Central City The March GSM 2016 is taking place!
April 1, 2016
9:35 PM (EDT)
Camelfantasy Aliksong, ellinas_george, kekkomatic, VernCow, Atomic_08, CaptainChimpy, Camelfantasy AprilFoolsSelfie.png Kenthurst April Fools! with MusiCal_EMPIRE_ heads and chimpy's bananas
(and kekkomatic and VernCow staring forlornly at the slightly griefed road)
April 1, 2016
4:45 PM (EET)
helkama No idea who are in this pic. If you are in it please tag yourself. Selfiehelkama1.png Kenthurst At the new unofficial road marketplace.