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MRT Soccer League

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Rules & How to Play

The Start

The away team always starts with the ball. The ball is a snowball. You will have sharpness X diamond swords. You need to hit the player with the sword and kill them to obtain the ball. Once you have the ball, you have to run or pass to the other side.

How to Score

To score, you must throw the ball past the goalkeeper in to the goal. The goalkeeper may hit you but you cannot hit the goalkeeper unless he hasnt picked the ball up. Also, you will respawn at your position.

Penalties & Free Kicks

If you dont want a free kick or penalty to occur, do not do these things; You may not kill the goalkeeper. Do not kill your own team mate, there must be 2 players on each team. Do not hit 2 players at once. This may result in a red card. The other things may or may not be decided by the referee.


If a player throws or runs out of play, (past the sideline), It will be a throw in. To make a throw, you cannot pass to yourself, but you may rebound off the opponent. This is risky as the player may be able to pick up the ball and score as the goalkeeper isnt in goal and is trying to get the throw in.

Yellow and Red Cards

A yellow or red card may be allocated at any time from the referee. Killing the referee or swearing is an automatic red card.

Other Rules

Do not wear any other armor other than leather with your team color. Also, each match is 10 minutes long. After 5 minutes and half time, you switch sides.

No standings have been placed yet...

Any town that is Councillor or below has a team in the Minor League. Towns that are mayor or above is in Major League. Top 3 players in standings are promoted to next league. Last 3 are relegated. If your team misses 5 matches, your team is relegated, and then kicked out of the league.

Major Teams

  • Titsensaki SC
  • Quiris FC

Minor Teams

  • BH Ashton United