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The Shenghua Health Department issued an order of self quarantine of two weeks to people who have traveled to the infected regions. A passenger who was visiting Shenghua had a confirmed coronavirus case, however he was successfully quarantined at the [[Shenghua International Ferry Terminal]].
The Shenghua Health Department issued an order of self quarantine of two weeks to people who have traveled to the infected regions. A passenger who was visiting Shenghua had a confirmed coronavirus case, however he was successfully quarantined at the [[Shenghua International Ferry Terminal]]. There are no other confirmed cases.

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Alert.png This page concerns a role-played replication of the real-world COVID-19 outbreak. Please do not take it seriously.
COVID-19 ("2019 novel coronavirus disease") is a real-world virus that has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It is impossible for COVID-19 to spread onto the MRT. For more information on how to keep yourself and your community safe in the real world, please see resources from the World Health Organization or information from your local public health officials.

The MRT coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing deadly virus outbreak on the New World in 2020. The virus in question is a special strain of the novel coronavirus (CoViD-19), called CoViD-20 or CoViD-MRT, that started in Hendon, where the first case was reported. The disease quickly spread over the MRT, and managed to get out due to the lack of authorities noticing the amount of risk and danger, before airlines and shipping lines stopped services. There have been a small number of fatalities.

The virus spreads between people via droplets from coughing, similar to the flu. The time between infection and symptom onset is roughly 5 days. Symptoms are most often fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Complications may include pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, or SARS. There is currently no vaccine or specific antiviral treatment, but research is ongoing. Efforts are aimed at managing symptoms and supportive therapy. Recommended preventive measures include handwashing, maintaining distance from other people (particularly those who are sick), and monitoring and self-isolation for fourteen days for people who suspect they are infected.

Public health responses over the world include travel restrictions, lockdowns, and flight cancellations. Security has been ramped up in recent times, and buildings and companies have asked employees to take unpaid leave.


As of 12 March 2020, more than 2,825 cases have been confirmed serverwide, however, the outbreak has only happened on the New World. However, this number may not be as accurate as governments argue over confirmation of the virus in their towns.

The first cases were from the Hendon Mall, where, after visiting, several people reported pneumonia-like symptoms. The virus is thought to be a special strain of the real-world SARS coronavirus (CoViD-19) that somehow got into Minecraft through one device, after research by a New Genisys scientist group found similarities in CoViD-19 and the much blockier CoViD-20. It is thought to have come from shops in the mall, such as Pick 'n' Pay, that sell fresh meat.

As cases grew by almost 50 a day, Hendon Hospital reportedly 'could not handle the massive demand'. Hendon has the most cases, having 1,263 cases as of 12 March 2020. The Creeperville-Hendon region is one of the worst affected regions, and Creeperville has 826 cases alone (11 March 2020). The second most affected region is Winterside, with 371 cases, New Bakersville, with 9 affected, and Airchester and Sansvikk, with 5 affected each.

Latest news

(Place latest news on overall disease here, unless people are okay with it plz no declaring outbreaks on other cities. If there are please put them in respective cities.)


There have been 9 deaths so far, most in Hendon. All deaths happened in people aged 50 and up. The first death was a 50-year-old man in Hendon, named Chu Xan Shi. The average time between symptoms and death is roughly a week.


Main page: Prevention of coronavirus

Domestic responses


The first case in Hendon was a 62-year-old man named Li Junang on March 3, 2020, who reported 'sudden ill health' after travelling to the Hendon Mall. Several more people reported having the same symptoms, and it was found that the fresh meat sold at the market had made people start randomly getting severe symptoms of flu. The outbreak was reported on March 5, but was quickly shut down by the government, who reported 'all is fine and well, and we have no cases'. Despite this, people were put into quarantine, and schools and shops were closed.

As more people started getting sick, the government advised residents to wear masks, and security screening was put in place at some train stations. Rail companies, such as FrostyRail and RailLinQ cancelled services from Hendon, and travel was restricted. Cases kept rising, and eventually Hendon Hospital could not handle the daily influx of cases. Some people were bussed to St Anna hospital, where it is overfilling. Calls have been made for a new hospital to be built to handle the thousand infected people.

Creeperville and Winterside closed their borders with Hendon on March 9, and no-one is now allowed in or out of Hendon. As of March 12, 2020, Hendon has 1,263 cases of CoViD-20, with 8 dead.

Government censorship

As the government censors the media over the coronavirus outbreak, they deny there being any cases at all, in order to protect travel. However, leaked media and information report that 'the city, once bustling, is now empty, and we can only go outside once every two days to get food'. People's movements are allegedly tracked, and there is no freedom of speech or the press. It has been described by many as 'a prison that we can never leave'.


Creeperville's first case came on March 5, 2020, when several people who work in Hendon, but reside in Creeperville, did not turn up for work, due to an unknown sickness. As the number of people infected rose, Creeperville advised those well to wear masks. FrostyRail cancelled services from Creeperville on March 7, and airlines, excluding FlyCreeper and Waypoint, cancelled flights to Creeperville's Haneda Airport.

Ministers conducted searches through the 6 wards of the city, and concluded there being no cases in the city at all. Similar to Hendon, the Sultan of Creeperville reported that 'with the spread of false information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in the City of Creeperville, the Ministry would like to clarify that according to their statistics, there have been no suspected or confirmed cases within the city of the disease'. Leaked media has said that the conditions are not much better than Hendon: the streets are now empty, not because of government implemented quarantine, but because no-one wants to go outside.

Creeperville closed its borders with Hendon on March 9. Because there are no medical facilities in Creeperville, infected are sent to St Anna Hospital. As of March 12, 2020, Creeperville has 831 cases of CoViD-20, with 1 dead.

New Bakersville

Unlike Creeperville, Hendon and Winterside, New Bakersville has been open on the number of coronavirus cases in the city. On March 9, 2020, New Bakersville local news stations reported 9 cases of coronavirus in the city, and that one resident that has been tested has gone missing. There have been reports of canisters containing CoViD-20 mixed with water vapour. The city was placed on lockdown, and SWC flights were cancelled indefinitely. As of March 12, 2020, New Bakersville has 9 cases of CoViD-20.


The first case of coronavirus in Sansvikk was confirmed on March 10, 2020, when a 39-year-old man travelling from Hendon reportedly became sick with flu. The city responded immediately, and warned all residents about a possible coronavirus outbreak. Four more cases were reported the next day, and train services from Sansvikk were cancelled. The city has advised residents to protect themselves, and declared a ban on travel for those in contact with an infected person, as well as the 'Creeperville Sultanate and New Bakersville'. Mayor SansNotLuigi reported that he and government officials made sure their top priority was getting everyone safe and creating a vaccine to the coronavirus. Infected were hospitalized at the Sansvikk Provincial Hospital. The next day, Mayor SansNotLuigi reported that two people with the virus had healed, and were released after being found to no longer show signs of COVID-19. Tests on these people came back negative, and it is questioned if their original positive test had been a mistake.

As of 12 March 2020, Sansvikk has 2 cases of Coronavirus, which are currently being treated with the SPH's vaccine. Sansvikk, however, is still enforcing coronavirus safety protocols and plans to continue to do so until the government is "confident that the situation is solved".


While not much information has come from the first Premier town with a case, all that is known is that there are 5 current cases of CoViD-20 in Airchester, though there could possibly be more. As a result, screening measures at both airports in Airchester has ramped up incredibly, and many Waypoint flights have been cancelled as a result. Waypoint shares fell 8% on March 12, the same day that the first case was confirmed.

International response

XenRail canisters

On March 11, New Bakersville reported that canisters releasing an unknown agent have been found in all XenRail and at least 16 Fred Rail stations on the New World. The story was later updated, stating that the canisters discovered in warp rail stations have been found to be releasing COVID-19 mixed into water vapor, and that 2 new canisters had been discovered in Tranquil Forest Central. It is still unknown who placed the canisters and why.


On March 10, 2020, Michigana released a statement confirming CoViD-20, and warning passengers.

Region of Lumeva

The Region of Lumeva released a statement on March 11, 2020, that urged citizens to stay safe and to be precarious due to the CoViD-20 outbreak. They also issued a statement banning travel to Creeperville, New Bakersville and Sansvikk, but allowing travel to Monte Isola. FlyCreeper flights were cancelled, and all passengers travelling from the area are subject to a 14-day quarantine. There are also coronavirus scanners at Peacopolis Airfield.


The Mayor of Foresne, i____7d, did not care much about the virus. He also suggested milk as a way to help stop the spread of the virus because it clears off all effects.


The FAF stated that anyone arriving at an RoF port of entry and testing positive for coronavirus would be shot on sight, thoroughly sanitized, and sent back to the point of origin.

Ophelia Confederation

Main article: Global Affairs Ophelia § Travel Advice and Risk level per Settlement

Global Affairs Ophelia and Health, Labor and Wealth Ophelia advised that travel to Hendon, New Bakersville, Zerez, Winterside, Sansvikk, Creeperville and New Genisys was to be avoided, and that a high degree of caution must be exercised travelling to St. Anna, Central City, Monte Isola and Foresne. Land, Infrastructure and Transit Ophelia banned travel on any ships or aircraft. The outbreak forced the suspension of the Ophelian Creeperville Embassy.

Monte Isola

Monte Isola mayor and Epsilon Republic president Vulpicula stated that there were zero cases of CoViD-20 in Monte Isola, but that the government would be converting the Monte Isola convention hall into an impromptu treatment location for testing and quarantine of any future suspected cases. Toilet paper rations would be handed out, and anyone suspected with the disease would be thrown into the canal. All Monte Isola Harbour Air flights are now selling tickets at a discounted rate.

New Genisys

New Genisys decided to cancel all transport, and shut down the city. Though they suspect that they will be okay due to the city's remoteness, they are still taking precautions. Due to a CoViD-20 outbreak on the MRT, New Genisys ordered an immediate shutdown of all transport to other cities. The train station closed and flights were cancelled. Any flights that were cancelled will be giving all refunds and any tourists to New Genisys unable to leave will be accommodated through shelters set up in the near future. Civilians will be checked every week by doctors for testing. This is preparation for any unexpected outbreak in the city. Military presence and doctors have increased. As of right now everything is going to plan. Shelters are yet to be set up for those who have no residence.

Lapis Bay

The ban on Hendon and surrounding regions has been reintroduced due to their significant amount of cases. Visitors from Hendon and Creeperville region would not be permitted for entry. Lapis Bay citizens and visitors from cities with suspected or confirmed cases would be required to attend the 14 day mandatory quarantine.

All other visitors entering Lapis Bay would be required to check and record their temperature daily. Failure to do so allegedly results in a massive $2500 fine.

Lapis Bay citizens are recommended to avoid travelling unless necessary.


Utopia closed down its borders and declared a state of emergency. For protection of its citizens, no transportation will be allowed into or out of the city. Guests and Citizens would be allowed to leave in a 24-hour grace period.


There are currently no reported cases of CoViD-20 in Danielston. Mayor M. J. Pueff and the City Council of Danielston have passed several preemptive emergency ordinances:

  • Those returning from China, South Korea, Japan, and Europe (including the UK) are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • All those living with an individual who has recently returned from any of the aforementioned nations must also self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Arrival data will be collected from authorities at UCWTIA. Checkpoints are also present along the A5-W and B50 corridors into Danielston.
  • Leaving self-quarantine and/or failing to disclose a positive COVID-19 are now punishable by a minimum of 3 months imprisonment.
  • Knowingly spreading COVID-19 to a vulnerable group (seniors, immunocompromised persons) is a felony punishable by not more than 21 years imprisonment.

Esterhaus University has, among other actions, moved classes and staff online and restricted access into EUMC facilities and dormitories until at least April 1. Read the full announcement here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lCAqJZ2fCLhTEDl-wkO-ckMMgVpl8owr3Am0UQbQw3Q/edit?usp=sharing


The Shenghua Health Department issued an order of self quarantine of two weeks to people who have traveled to the infected regions. A passenger who was visiting Shenghua had a confirmed coronavirus case, however he was successfully quarantined at the Shenghua International Ferry Terminal. There are no other confirmed cases.