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[[Armada]]: Duck Milk Tea<br />
[[Armada]]: Duck Milk Tea<br />
All [[Gogo's Gym]]s: Protein Milk Tea, and Protein Powder topping<br />
All [[Gogo's Gym]]s: Protein Milk Tea, and Protein Powder topping<br />
[[Easest]]: Forrest Gump Milk Tea
[[Easest]]: Forrest Gump Milk Tea<br />
[[Sprucemont]]: Snowy Ice topping

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MRTea is a business owned by Frontier Group, Ilchuideachta Limited, and tarheelscouse. It was originally founded by infinity8838. They serve an array of teas, coffees, and other beverages.

MRTea is the official drinks provider for Gogo's Gym


The original MRTea menu

Branch Specials

Some branches have their own special drink, unique to their branch, or their's and a few others.

True City: Red Bull Milk Tea
Sublime: Sublime has its own menu, please visit it to see the menu.
Totsworth: Mesa salt topping
Evella: Caramel topping
Geelong Beach, Whitechapel: Vodka Milk Tea
Saint Roux: Parlement District: French Press Milk Tea
Armada: Duck Milk Tea
All Gogo's Gyms: Protein Milk Tea, and Protein Powder topping
Easest: Forrest Gump Milk Tea
Sprucemont: Snowy Ice topping