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{{MRTvision infobox
{{MRTvision infobox
| color = lightgray
| color = lightgray
| img = <!---[[File:MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8.png|400px]]<br>''Slogan''--->
| img = [[File:MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8.png|300px]]<!---<br>''Slogan''--->
| venue = TBA, [[Covina]]
| venue = TBA, [[Covina]]
| presenter = {{u|MinecraftYoshi26}}
| presenter = {{u|MinecraftYoshi26}}

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MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8.png
Venue TBA, Covina
Presenter MinecraftYoshi26
Producers MinecraftYoshi26
Official broadcaster MBS
Joining period TBD 2021
Final TBD 2021
Number of entries 0 (to date)
Contest chronology
← 7MRTvision Screenshot Contest

The MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8 is the planned eighth edition of the MRTvision Screenshot Contest. The contest is the original MRT Screenshot Contest with Eurovision-style voting and representation.

The ceremony is planned to take place in Covina, following _Kastle's win at the seventh contest with the screenshot "Like a Shooting Star, I Will Go the Distance". There is planned to be an official MBS livestream.


The contest was first teased on February 14, 2021 by MinecraftYoshi26 posting "screenshot contest soon? 👍 or 👎" in the #event-announcements channel in the MRT Discord. The message garnered 31 thumbs up reactions from other members and the contest was confirmed on the wiki later that day. The city was announced as Covina on February 18, 2021. The contest's slogan and host venue have yet to be announced.


The contest's results ceremony are planned to take place for the first time in Covina, following Covina's victory in the previous edition with the screenshot "Like a Shooting Star, I Will Go the Distance", taken by _Kastle. The contest's exact venue has yet to be announced.


Per usual, the contest featured members representing cities, each submitting a screenshot to be voted on by the participants and the willing public. Each city and willing non-participants award a set of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite screenshots, respectively. As usual, there was no theme.

The occurrence of semi-finals has yet to be announced.

Participating cities

Joining the contest has yet to open.