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! Recent changes
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Welcome to Minecart Rapid Transit!
a creative Minecraft 1.8 server with an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, home of all of the "meta" information about the server, whether you're interested in our policy, corporations, towns, transit, or just another way for users to communicate with each other while offline. To get started, create an account and begin editing immediately after you confirm your email address.

Interested in current events? Maybe the messages from the staff? Just click on the links to get your news.

Editors can head to the editor's hub to see where you can jump in and help out.

Messages from Staff
Hey everyone!

We just wrapped up the December GSM, a lot of random little bits and pieces. Not really too much to announce, except that wiki account registration is back open, however edit permissions will remain restricted to the Trustee rank for the time being.

City Rank Candidate Batch #4 is now open for applications! If you think you're ready to apply, don't be scared, the worst that happens is we say no. If you get the rank, then hey, you're getting an awesome Christmas present! If you've been meaning to add those few little touches to your city, well now's your chance. We love getting the chance to go see all of your cities. Remember, the deadline for applying is December 17th, 2015, and we'll announce promotions on December 25th, 2015 (Christmas!). Please remember, we will NOT accept late applications.

Wiki permissions are restricted to Trustee and above for security reasons. If you are Trustee but don't have permissions to edit any pages please send an e-mail to and you will be given the rank as soon as possible. New account registrations have been reopened for the time being, however this is subject to change.

The January GSM is currently being decided on, but we will almost certainly be having one then.

For now though, Happy Holidays!

P.S.: Remember to spend time with your family this holiday season! This is that one amazing time of the year where everyone gets together and pass around presents, watch the ball drop, and you shouldn't be missing out on it!

SantaHnt, Mod


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