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Welcome to the Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki!
A creative Minecraft 1.12.2 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts. It has an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things.
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, where members can write informative pages about their creations on the server, which can include towns, cities, companies, franchises, organizations, transit systems, special events, and more.

To get started, you must be an approved [Member] of the MRT Server. First, create an account and confirm your e-mail address. Initially, you will be able to edit most pages. After a few days and making at least 10 edits, you will be able to create your own pages. For a full list of permissions available to you, please see this page.

Check out the official MRT Events Calendar for upcoming events that are happening on the server.

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Featured Article: Due's Food Station
Due's Food Station (formerly known as The Duechayapol Restaurant, The D Restaurant) is a restaurant franchise on the MRT Server founded by Duechayapol. This restaurant is also known as a "Thai Restaurant" because of Duechayapol living in Thailand. This restaurant has many different kinds of food and beverages for each town that has the restaurant. The first ever restaurant is located at Snowy, Duechayapol's first town on the server.

The restaurant has 8 different versions of the restaurant which can be purchased by the server's economy system. There are currently 45 restaurants in the server including the old world. The most popular type of this restaurant is the "Custom" type which is for custom buildings provided by the mayors of each town.

The franchise was made about in April 2014 as "The D Restaurant". This was during the old world era of the server. The first ever restaurant was built in Snowy with many different kinds of food. The restaurant was used to be made out of stone bricks.

Later on, Duechayapol decided to built a brand new restaurant... (read more)

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