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Welcome to the Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki!
A creative Minecraft 1.12.2 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts. It has an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things.
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, where members can write informative pages about their creations on the server, which can include towns, cities, companies, franchises, organizations, transit systems, special events, and more.

To create an account on the wiki, you must first become a [Member] of the MRT Server. See the How to Join page on the website on how to become a member. Once you have been approved as a member, ask a staff member for the Wiki Account Creation Password, use it to create an account, and confirm your e-mail address. Initially, you will be able to edit existing pages and create new pages. Once you reach Trustee rank, you may request Trusted privileges from an admin to be able to upload images. For a full list of permissions available to you, please see the Wiki Group Permissions page.

Check out the official MRT Events Calendar for upcoming events that are happening on the server.

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Featured Article: Deadbush
2018-06-21 08.00.26.png
Deadbush is a city located in the western portion of the Grand Mesa. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the MRT. It is also by far the biggest city in the Grand Mesa. It is the center of the Metropolitan West Mesa MPO as well as a financial and IT hub in the New World.

The town was founded on April 6, 2018, five days after MojangChan received membership, in a relatively flat piece of Mesa land. From there, the first building in Deadbush was erected, the Pioneer Building, as well as the City Flag being planted in front of it. The road grid was then built along with the initial four checkpoints or entrances to the city namely Pioneer, Pond, Isthmus, and Foothills. The first business of Deadbush was established, Stone Bank, as well as the residence of MojangChan. (read more)

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