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Welcome to Minecart Rapid Transit!
a creative Minecraft 1.7.10 server with an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, home of all of the "meta" information about the server, whether you're interested in our policy, corporations, towns, transit, or just another way for users to communicate with each other while offline. To get started, create an account and begin editing immediately after you confirm your email address.

Interested in current events? Maybe the messages from the staff? Just click on the links to get your news.

Editors can head to the editor's hub to see where you can jump in and help out.

Messages from Staff
Hey all! We hope you are thoroughly enjoying the Gamma server as much as we are!

When making edits, always be sure that they are of good quality. It's better to have a well-written, short article than a long article filled with nonsense, incorrect information, or poorly written information. Take time to double check that everything is correct, and preview, preview, preview!

The ratings system is being updated. For now, continue to use it as you are, but know that it will be phased out in time and replaced with something more understandable, and easier to understand. Always discuss rating changes before implementing them, and remember that you can change your own page's rating. Just be prepared to discuss it!

In Gamma Server news, the MRT New World Town Plans page is being transformed into the official Claimed Stations page, which is protected. I've checked all lines except the Valley, Expo and Zephyr lines for which stations have claims on them and posted that list here. If your town is ready to expand, or you're ready to start a new town, check that list to see what's available, then go to that station in-game and start developing to claim it! Once you claim a station, please post a message so that we can update the page faster!

Thanks, and have fun!
Chief, Administrator

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02:09 (cur | prev) +91 FiorkG07 talk contribs Created page with "Kacchan Islands is a town created by fork_07 in July 11 2020. more info will be added later" Tag: Visual edit
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     01:32  Valhalla diffhist +87 DeevyDeev talk contribs →‎Odin Line: Valhalla Metro Extension to nearby Stockwell Town at F37 approved. Tag: Visual edit
     01:03  Epsilonian Republic diffhist +3 SirNatureWriter talk contribs Frostbite was listed under Sans' name, not mine. Tag: Visual edit
     01:00  Good Brew Cafe diffhist +16 DeevyDeev talk contribs Added Valhalla location Tag: Visual edit