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Welcome to Minecart Rapid Transit!
a creative Minecraft 1.7.4 server with an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, home of all of the "meta" information about the server, whether you're interested in our policy, corporations, towns, transit, or just another way for users to communicate with each other while offline. To get started, create an account and begin editing immediately after you confirm your email address.

Interested in current events? Maybe the messages from the staff? Just click on the links to get your news.

Editors can head to the editor's hub to see where you can jump in and help out.

Messages from Staff
Good evening! I can't ride trains today because it's cold outside and I would likely freeze my face off while waiting for them.

A couple of wiki-related announcements.

  • {{User infobox}} exists! And AutoCorrect keeps insisting it's called {{User info box}}. If you would like to use it in your userpage you may do so! Please note that we will NOT allow you to use the image space to use a picture of yourself in real life. You may use a personal logo or an image of your Minecraft character if you wish. An example is on my page. Note that I hope to integrate this into the status page somehow so that you only need to update one screen. Or maybe a secret project involving code...
  • You may notice that new orange warning boxes have appeared below editing pages. Although it's not an issue at all here, the new messages are designed to get your attention with respect to copyright. Read 'em once and then ignore 'em and I won't be offended, so long as you heed their instructions.
  • A reminder to those of you using Special:EmailUser pages: Due to a configuration issue on our end, these emails are one-way! Another orange box has appeared here to remind you that if you want your recipient to be able to write you back, you need to includee your email address in the message body.
  • Please remember to create your personal userpage HERE, not anywhere else on the wiki (unless you are an admin).

A couple of server-related announcements.

  • We are now on Minecraft 1.7.4!
  • A new map download is available at, as of January 4, 2014.
  • Please be careful when exiting carts at ALL rail stations. So far only the LRT 780 Crossrail, TerminusConnect, and Cyan IRR v3.6 (terminus) stations are somewhat reliable with allowing you to exit safely. We are monitoring the issue over at Mojira.

A couple of network-related announcements.

  • Frumple will be off the planet--er, internet for about a month during February. During this time, supporter contributions will be disabled, and admins (meaning me, Thomas and this guy) will be in charge.
  • Our next GSM is Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 9pm GMT. Learn what time that is for you. If you know of players who are worthy of the Trusted, Trusted+ or Mod ranks, please nominate them here.

That was a lot. Be safe out there- especially if it's super cold!


Senior Administrator and Head of Wiki

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