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Major League Spleef
MLS logo.png
Commissioner jphgolf4321
Deputy Commissioner mikefishr
Member Clubs 16
Current Champions Western East Enders

Major League Spleef (MLS) is an organization of spleef teams on the MRT Server. It was founded on 16 June 2017 by jphgolf4321, the league's current commissioner, and as such is headquartered in Ravenna. See our Archives for information on past seasons.

Arenas with Command Blocks

Currently, the following arenas use a command block reset system. If there are no staff on and you want to play, the following can be reset via this method:

Arena Location
Forsythe Park Segville
Ilirea Spleef Arena Ilirea
East End Ice Ring East End
Providence Park Waterville
Colliers Arena Accerton
FyfeCorp Arena Crystal City
Square Arena Radiance Square
Stoneedge Arena Stoneedge
The Spleefodrome Laclede
Saturnalia Center Ravenna
Pixl Spleef Arena Pixl
Freezer Arena Chillington
Yaxier Spleef Arena Fort Yaxier
Paradise Arena Spleef Island
Mario Lemieux Spleef Center Oakburgh
Waffle House Center Utopia
Rakata Arena Coruscant
Savacaci Arena Savacaci

Member Clubs

Logo Team Name City Arena Team Members
LacledeUnited.png Laclede United Laclede The Spleefodrome (Laclede)
Saturnalia Center (Ravenna)
WEE.png Western East-Enders East End East End Ice Ring autobus22
ChillingtonUnited.png Chillington United Chillington Freezer Arena CyAmethyst
Shikers.png PMWS Hikers Pine Mountain
Stoneedge Arena SoSo123
RSSC.jpeg Radiance Square SC Radiance Square Square Arena MindBender15
TimbersLogo.png Waterville Timbers Waterville Providence Park PtldKnight
AC Utopia.jpg AC Utopia Utopia Waffle House Center Narnia17
OakburghPenguins.png Oakburgh Penguins Oakburgh Mario Lemieux Spleef Center mdbro55
Frogeh.jpg Titsensaki Ribbits Titsensaki Titsensaki Grain Spleef Arena frogggggg
AshtonPatches.jpg Ashton Patches Ashton Ashton Beeks Arena PlactoCabbage
RoyalFerryDucks.jpg Royal Ferry Ducks Royal Ferry Admod Park (temporary) MIKE24DUDE
Zaquardiamondbackshort-01.png Zaquar Diamondbacks Zaquar Diamondplex Arena KittyCat11231
SeaDogs.png Akala Sea Dogs Catskill Islands Rakata Arena(temporary)
Akala Arena(coming soon)
Peppers.jpeg Red Hot Chili Peppers Arcadium Stadium Arcadium (Under Construction) Ardyle
Charizardcleanedup.png Ilirea Dragons Ilirea Ilirea Spleef Arena mikefishr
FrostbiteSC.png Frostbite SC Frostbite Frostbite Arena SirNatureWriter



League Play

Shovelers' Cup Playoffs

Notable Friendlies

Away Team Score Home Team Notes
Laclede United
1 - 1
Segville Lions Inaugural MLS friendly
Waterville Timbers
6 - 9
Laclede United Played in Ilirea Spleef Arena
Radiance Square SC
5 - 1
Waterville Timbers First match in Providence Park
Radiance Square SC
1 - 4
First match in Freezer Arena and for Chillington
Laclede United
8 - 2
Waterville Timbers Played in Crystal City
Seaview Space Cats
0 - 8
Waterville Timbers First friendly for Seaview
Waterville Timbers
3 - 6
Ilirea Dragons First friendly for Ilirea
Waterville Timbers
2 - 8
Laclede United Played in Saturnalia Center (Ravenna)
Accerton Lemonanas
4 - 3
Waterville Timbers First friendly for Accerton
Waterville Timbers
2 - 1
Accerton Lemonanas Best of 3. First MLS friendly in Colliers Arena
AC Utopia
4 - 5
Radiance Square SC First friendly in Square Arena
Waverly Lobsters
8 - 3
Waterville Timbers First friendly for Waverly Lobsters
Delta City Rhythm
1 - 6
Titsensaki Ribbits First friendly for the Ribbits
Waterville Timbers
2 - 5
Zaquar Diamondbacks First friendly at the Zaquar Diamondplex
Titsensaki Ribbits
2 - 3
Stoneedge Hikers First friendly for the Stoneedge Hikers and first match played in Stoneedge Arena
AC Utopia
2 - 0
Laclede United First friendly played in Admod Park


Timing and Length of Matches
Matches last 5 minutes (300 seconds).
The match clock does not stop unless a timeout is called.
Rounds are part of a match that occur until one point is scored (see Section 2)
If a round is in progress when time expires, the round continues for a maximum of five minutes. If the round concludes within the time period, the round is scored normally and the game ends. However, if five minutes elapse, the round is called a draw and the game ends.
Each team has a maximum of three timeouts.
Timeouts may only be called in between rounds.
An appointed timekeeper can call an unlimited number of timeouts to resolve rules disputes
Timeouts may not stop the clock for longer than 3 minutes, except during a rules dispute.
An emergency timeout may be called by the timekeeper if and only if both teams and the timekeeper agree to it. An emergency timeout may be requested by either team or the timekeeper as many times per match as necessary. Emergency timeouts do not have a time limit.
Time may be kept by a timekeeper or by the teams.
Scoring of Matches
A point is scored when one player falls through the play surface.
If both players fall through simultaneously, the round is a draw and no points are awarded.
The team with the highest point total at the end of the game wins and is awarded 3 points. The losing team is awarded no points. If the teams draw, both teams are awarded 1 point.
If matches are not played at the end of a league week, both teams will be awarded a loss.
This can be updated if the teams make up the match, and the point awarding scheme defined in Section 2.2 applies.
Definition of Play Space
A play surface must be made entirely of snow blocks and be no thicker than one block.
The play surface must be a minimum of 21 by 21 blocks. Play surfaces do not have to be rectangular, but must not have a side shorter than 21 blocks in length if they are. If the play surface is not rectangular, it must have a minimum area of 441 blocks squared.
Play surfaces may only be rectangular, circular, elliptical, or regular polygonal in shape.
Players may only carry unenchanted diamond shovels and food. Any other items or blocks are prohibited.
Players may not place blocks during a match.
No commands may be run during a match other than the commands listed in below.
/home may only be run to bring a player back up to their starting position in the arena.
Worldedit may only be used to reset a play surface if there is no reset button.
Only a shovel may be used to break blocks during a match, with the exception of slime play surfaces. In that case, only an empty hand may be used.
Players may only play in survival mode.
Playing a Match
One player from each team stands opposite from each other in the play area at the beginning of the match and when a match resumes from timeout.
Rounds can start as soon as both the snow or slime block surface is reset and the team which lost the previous round (if applicable) has a player standing in the starting position, with the exception of the times listed in 1.5.1.
The timekeeper checks that each team is ready, then counts down and starts the clock. This is not done in the middle of a match unless resuming from a timeout.
Players continue until the time runs out (see Section 1).
Players may not leave the play area unless a substitution occurs.
A player having just won a round may not start the next round within arm's reach (five blocks) of their opponent.
Substitutions may not occur during a round.
If interference occurs, the round is reset and 30 seconds are added to the clock.
All matches played when staff members are not online must be played at an arena containing a command block reset system (see section 9).
The arena is to be chosen by the designated home team from one of the ones listed at the top of this page.
Fouls may only be called by the players or the official timekeeper of a match.
The official timekeeper is the arbiter of a dispute over a foul call.
The official timekeeper may ask the Commissioner to arbitrate a dispute over a foul call.
Definition of Fouls
Delay of Game
If a team delays the start of a round by fifteen seconds and a timeout has not been called, a timeout will be charged to the offending team.
If a team delays the start of a round by fifteen seconds and does not have a timeout left, fifteen seconds will be added to the clock.
If a team delays the start of a round by fifteen seconds and a timeout has not been called and there are fewer than ten seconds left, the opposing team will have a point added to their score and fifteen seconds will be added to the clock.
If a player punches another player and a point is scored because of the punch, the round is called a draw.
If a player punches another player repeatedly and a point is not scored, the opposing team is awarded one point.
If a player punches another player once and a point is not scored, play continues with no penalty.
If the initial time period had expired and a punching foul was committed, an additional round is played, following the timing rules of Section 1.4.
If a punching foul is committed during sudden death time and a point would have been scored as a result, the surface is reset and the sudden death timer resets.
An island is defined as an unreachable area of the map that is separate from all other areas of the play space.
An island is not splitting the play area in half and making the separate halves of the play area inaccessible. If this occurs, the play area is reset and no score is awarded.
If an island is created during the initial time period, the play area is reset and the opposing team is awarded one point.
If an island is created after the end of the initial time period, the play area is reset and play continues until the end of the additional time period
Leaving/Entering the Arena
If a player leaves the arena during a match, but not during a substitution, a point is awarded to the opposing team.
If a player enters the arena during a match, but not during a substitution, a point is awarded to the opposing team.
Breaking non-snow or non-slime blocks
Standard MRT rules apply for this, and will be enforced as usual. Unless the breaking directly affects the match, no action will be taken. A win will be awarded to the opposing team if breaking the blocks directly affects the match
Camping is defined as when a player who has just won a round starts the next round within arm's reach (five blocks) of their opponent in violation of Rule 5.2.1.
When camping is called, the clock stops, the score of the team that was camped on will increase by one, and the camping player will return to their original starting corner.
Matches Left Unplayed
If, at the end of a week, matches are left unplayed, the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner may decide that a result other than a standard double loss with the possibility of a makeup at a later date would be more appropriate. As of now the only alternative is a forfeit on the part of one team.
Command Blocks
Arenas may choose to set up a command block reset system.
If staff are not online and two teams wish to play a match which would take place at an arena lacking a command block, the home team must select an arena containing a command block reset system (see the list at the top of the page) at which to play the match.
All command block reset systems must either be built into the walls surrounding an arena's playing surface or be outside the walls of the play area in a place where players on the play area may not access them.
If the blocks are mounted in the walls of the playing surface, there must be at least four of them.
Wall-mounted blocks must be mounted in fair positions (one on the middle block of each wall, one in each possible starting point, etc.).

Season Structure

Regular Season

Regular-season matches will be divided into weeks lasting from Sundays to the following Saturday with the exception of Week 1. Teams will be scheduled to play five matches a week for eight weeks


Points are awarded based on the results of matches during regular season play. Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and no points for a loss. If a match is unplayed when the week ends, it will be recorded as a loss by both teams involved unless/until the match is made up at a later date before the end of the regular season.

Playoff Qualification and Seeding

The top 8 teams on the table will qualify for the playoffs. In the event two playoff-qualifying teams have the same amount of points, round differential will decide the higher seed. If that is also tied, the teams will play one match to decide the winner.

Shovelers' Cup Playoffs

After the final week of the season, a playoff tournament to decide the winner of the Shovelers' Cup will be played. Each round of the playoffs will be played in home-and-home two-leg aggregate format, with the higher seed deciding if they want to host the 1st or 2nd leg. This means that each team will play a full five-minute match at their home arena, and the score from the first match will carry over to the second. Should the aggregate score be tied at the conclusion of the two legs, a single round under the sudden death rules will be played to decide the winner of the series. The final round will be played in a three-leg aggregate format. The first two rounds will be home-and-home as in the previous rounds, and the final leg will be played at a neutral site. For season one, this will be Admod Park in Central City. Tiebreaker rules from previous rounds apply.

The Shovelers' Cup

The members of the club which wins the Shovelers' Cup will each receive a $3000 prize and the right to host the third leg of the next season's Finals in their home arena the next season.

Acquiring a Franchise

Acquiring an expansion franchise for your city is as simple as following these steps:

  • Build a spleef arena containing a regulation-size pitch if you don't already have one.
  • Find another member with whom you would want to be a teammate.
  • Add your team's name, preferably one similar to a European football team (Laclede United, Kitania City, AC Sealane, etc.); home city; home arena; and members to the table below.
  • Wait for a league official to review the request and get back to you.
  • After your request is accepted, create a wiki page for your team containing a logo for your team and other relevant information about your team (match results, a copy of the league table with the team's name bolded, etc.)

Expansion Requests

Team Name City Arena Team Members Application Status