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*MAF FP-6 (F35) Utopia Underdog ([[Scarborough]])
*MAF FP-6 (F35) Utopia Underdog ([[Scarborough]])
*MAF FP-7 (F35) Deadbush Destroyer ([[Scarborough]])
*MAF FP-7 (F35) Deadbush Destroyer ([[Scarborough]])
*MAF FP-8 (EA-6B Prowler) Larkspur Lancer ([[Scarborough]])

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Maplelyn Air Force
Allegiance West Calbar and its distrcts
Headquarters  P20  Scarborough - New Kent
Allies Formosa Armed Forces
Kenthurst Fort
Wing Commander Sesese9
Wing Lieutenant TBD
Secretary TBD

The Maplelyn Air Force is an air force whose goal is to protect West Calbar and its allies.


Scarborough Air Base

Scarborough Air Base
Airport type Airfield
Owner/Operator sesese9
Serves Scarborough
Location South East, New World
Built 23rd October 2018
Elevation AMSL TBD ft / TBD m
Coordinates 4643 100 3712
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 462.6 141 Terracotta

Located in the Northwest area of Scarborough near  P20  Scarborough - New Kent, the Air Base is the main headquarters for Maplelyn Air Force. A list of facilities are as follows:

  • Runway
  • Control Tower
  • 8 plots for planes/vehicles
  • 6 soldier barracks


Air Force Division



Naval Division


  • Patrol Boat Dallas (in LoC Military exercises (Formosa))


  • 5/16/18: Runway under construction in Scarborough and FP-4 has been pasted. Control Tower and terminal still to be built. Barracks have been constructed.
  • 3/25/18: After long await, MAF has broke ground on its first base in Scarborough.
  • 5/17/15: Location has been narrowed down for the base and our ally, Formosa is embroiled in a civil war with succession. Although Maplelyn Air Force doesn't have any airplanes yet, they have announced that they will build Formosa some F16s to help with the succession.
  • 12/10/15: First Boat built and commissioned, Patrol Boat Dallas and it is currently participating in military exercises for LoC