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|data5 = [[Milton Hotel Group]], [[Piron inc.]]
|data5 = [[Milton Hotel Group]], [[Piron inc.]]
|label6 = Slogan
|label6 = Slogan
|data6 = Going Places, Affordably
|data6 = Staying Places, Affordably

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Marin Hotels
Corporation Info
CEO/Founder powerminer01
Founded 12th of March 2016
Headquarters Currently Unspecified, Watchfield
Parent Company Milton Hotel Group, Piron inc.
Slogan Staying Places, Affordably

Marin Hotels is a subsidary of Milton Hotel Group. Marin Hotels focuses on the best possible visitor experience at an affordable price.

Why Marin Hotels?

Travel is a key condition to uphold sustainable relationships between regions and buisness partners. Why should travel cost so much when it's such an important factor in keeping our world going?

We at Marin Hotels try to view our Hotels from the visitors' eyes. Affordable hotels with excellent service, located in the middle of sprawling urban environments that create an inspiring environment for change and growth. With top class housing and inspiring conference rooms we work towards helping others to develop and change.

Business trip or Holiday vacation, It doesen't matter, Marin Hotels will ensure to suit your personal demands. Weather you stay for business or for a holiday vacation, Marin Hotels with their central placement will in no doubt satisfy any customer.

2016-03-13 00.07.20.png


Marin Hotel Standard

Dimensions (Base) Price
30*13 $60

Order Here: http://goo.gl/forms/wClOEVrcqX

NOTE: You have to prepare a 13*30 big plot for the building. It is recommended that you do so before placing an order. I (powerminer01) will get in touch with you in game once the order has been recieved.

Payment will be accepted once the hotel has been installed


  • 15 designed rooms fit for both holiday- as well as buisiness visitors.


  • Bright, uplifting interior.
  • A magnificent exterior that should be part of every cities' skyline
  • Inspiring conference room


  • Pool deck on the roof complete with a bar.


  • Big lobby complete with a restaurant for breakfast.


Still don't believe us? Visit our flagship hotel in Watchfield