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{{Transit infobox
{{Transit infobox
|img = [[File:M3 Logo.png|500px]]
|img = [[File:M3 Logo.png|500px]]

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Metro3 Line
M3 Logo.png
Where it Goes
Northeast Waterport
New Delvin
Number of stations 4
Status Under Construction
Players involved
Main builder Cortesi
Additional builders ---
Station ITA v2.0
Track ITA v2.1
Route Diagram

 M3  Metro3 Line is a transit line on the North part of the MRT World connecting 2 cities from the Major part of the MRT World to the Island on the North West part of the World.


Line Operator: Cortesi

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png M3 Logo.png MRT Transit Business Centre (under construction)  Y   O   M4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png M3 Logo.png Northeast Waterport  Y 
Dynmap Construction.png M3 Logo.png Plainscity (under construction)  B   PTS1   PTS2   PTS3 
Dynmap Pin.png M3 Logo.png New Delvin (planned)  B 
Dynmap Construction.png M3 Logo.png Omerah (under construction)  OIM   QIR1   JD-R1 
Dynmap Construction.png M3 Logo.png Autocity (under construction)  677 

Route Map

ITA Map.jpg