Metro Westplein

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Metro Westplein
Basic Information
Founding July 23, 2019
Founder MojangChan

Metropolitan Westplein, or Metro Westplein for short, is a Metropolitan Planning Organization whose goal is to develop a sprawling metropolis in the Western Heartland Plain, or known simply as Westplein.

Conditions of Admittance

  • Must have a town in the Western Heartland Plain / Westplein
  • Must consent to the eventuality that someone will build right beside or near you.


Town / City Mayor Rank Region Code
Mojang Town MojangChan [Mayor] 12
Courtbush _O_OM3GA_O_ [Mayor] 9
Fujishima Fiork777 [Unranked] 11
Oliver Springs Narnia17 [Unranked] 3
Rio de la Nieve Johngi [Unranked] 8
Clarksville Conric005 [Unranked] 13