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The Metropolitan North Association, commonly known as the MNA, is a Regional MPO based in New Mackinaw that is focused around the Northern Ocean community. The MNA was founded to foster inter-city relations, build infrastructure, and to increase connectivity. The MNA was founded by EliteNeon of New Mackinaw and KyleFrb of Oparia. If you would like to join the Metropolitan North Association, send a message to President EliteNeon or Vice-President KyleFrb.

Metropolitan North Association
President EliteNeon
Vice-President KyleFrb
Capital Tulipsburg
Legislative Center Tulipsburg Capitol Building
Currency MRT Dollar
Date Founded July 10th, 2020
City Count 15

Member States

# City Status Senator City Rank Nonstaff Player Rank
1 New Mackinaw Voting Member EliteNeon Unranked [Mayor]
2 Oparia Voting Member KyleFrb [Senator] [Senator]
3 Sansmore Voting Member SansNotLuigi [Mayor] [Senator]
4 Aquidneck Islands Voting Member BernCow [Councillor] [Mayor]
5 Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein Voting Member Echohue [Councillor]  [Premier] 
6 Kleinsburg Voting Member ManuF_moj [Senator]  [Premier] 
7 Celina Voting Member Vickiposa [Councillor]  [Premier] 
8 Malosa Voting Member ArizTrad [Councillor] [Mayor]
9 Biwabik Voting Member chiefbozx [Councillor] [Governor]
10 Tulipsburg Non-Voting Member (Capital) EliteNeon Legally Cannot Rankup [Mayor]
11 East Mesa Voting Member 0x10 [Councillor] [Mayor]
12 Chugsdy Island Voting Member minebuilder1223 Unranked [Citizen]
13 Elecna Crescent Voting Member godzilltrain [Mayor]  [Premier] 
14 Ottia Islands Voting Member Oshawott_12 [Mayor] [Mayor]
15 Beachview Voting Member DintyB Unranked [Mayor]

General Overview

As said above, the MNA was founded specifically to "foster inter-city relations, build infrastructure, and to increase connectivity." MNA members recognize that MPOs have a storied and not-so favorable past, so the goal of the MNA is to make sure there is no drama between members. The MNA is not a Customs Union, nor a Serverwide MPO, rather just a group of cities that wish to work together.


TransNorth is the branded name for the MNA's Department of Transportation, led by Secretary of Transportation chiefbozx.


Main article: RailNorth

RailNorth is the branded name for TransNorth's rail project to connect towns within the MNA. RailNorth currently has two lines in planning with one under construction. Line 1 goes from Tulipsburg to Celina through Malosa, with plans to expand to Kleinsburg and Biwabik. Line 2 is currently only being planned, with hopes of extending westward from Tulipsburg.

Metro-North Railroad

Metro-North Railroad operates Commuter Rail for Tulipsburg and New Mackinaw.


Main article: BoatNorth

BoatNorth is the branded name for TransNorth's ferry and boat project. There are two lines currently operational.

External Transportation


The A1 Highway is currently being expanded North by EliteNeon, and there are plans for an MNA-sponsored A-grade highway to connect the cities on the mainland.


There are currently two airports in the MNA: Kleinsburg Noord Airfield (KNA) and Oparia LeTourneau International Airport (OPA).