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Featured articles on the MRT Wiki

Featured articles are considered to be featuring interesting articles and topics and are shown on the Main Page. They can be used by editors as examples for writing other articles. Before being listed here, articles are reviewed should be of good quality. There are 26 featured articles out of 2,376 articles on the MRT Wiki (<1% are featured). A new featured page is usually chosen weekly on Sunday, which began on September 24, 2017. These pages are selected by the MRT staff team.

Arts and entertainment

The Amazing Race 7The MoleWishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams

Business, companies, and franchises

CreeperColaKalmar Fried ChickenSonamuVerdantium City Brewery Co.

Geography and places

ArisaFallowayJuhwa IslandsKolpino CityNew WorldSpawn CityVegetaVermilion

Politics and government

League of CitiesUnited Cities

Science and technology

Inchmuir Space Agency


Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International AirportBART AirlinesCitiRailFairfax Northern CrossNORI InterurbanSpawn City Link


Formosa Armed ForcesOctober 2017 Zaquar Coup D'état