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Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki:Status

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The following is a list of statuses for both Minecraft and MRT services.

Service Status

  • Server:  OFFLINE  The Server will be offline until Saturday, June 16th, the very latest due to Core Protect Log Errors.
  • Website:  ONLINE 
  • Wiki:  ONLINE  (obviously..)
  • File Server:  ONLINE 
  • Beta Server:  OFFLINE  To Assist in the repair of the Core Protect problems plaguing the main server the Beta Server will remain offline.
  • Minecraft Authentication:  ONLINE 
  • Server Login:  ONLINE 
  • Radio:  ONLINE 
  • Mumble:  ONLINE 
  • Discord:  ONLINE 
  • Dynmap:  ONLINE 
World Render Day Flat 3D
Space World Monday  ONLINE   ONLINE 
Old World Tuesday  ONLINE   ONLINE 
New World Wednesday  ONLINE   ONLINE 
Lab World Thursday  ONLINE   ONLINE 
Games World Friday  ONLINE   ONLINE 

How To Edit This Page

To edit a service status follow these directions.

  • If a service is currently online, use {{status|ONLINE}}.
  • If a service is currently offline, use {{status|OFFLINE}}.
  • If a service is experiencing problems, or is frequently going offline, use {{status|PROBLEMS}}.
  • If dynmap is rendering after a purge, use {{status|RENDERING}}

If a service has been offline for more than 10 minutes and is currently labelled as  PROBLEMS , change to  OFFLINE .

If a service has been online for more than 10 minutes and is currently labelled as  PROBLEMS , change to  ONLINE .


  • Mojang Status Twitter [1]
  • OVH Support Twitter [2]
  • OVH Support Website [3]
  • Minecraft Status [4]
  • Discord Status [5]
  • MRT Server Status [6]