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Mojangitis is the viral infection that can infect any players of the MRT ranked Trustee or above. It has a particularly adverse effect on staff members.


Mojangitis was brought to the MRT by MojangChan. Initially, the infection did not spread as Mojang was just a guest. However, he was eventually accepted as a member sometime in 2018. He began his town within the 300 block claim of Heampstead. which caused a minor dispute between Mojang and MikeRoma. This was quickly resolved, and the town of Deadbush began to grow.

The virus is said to spread through the use of //stack, a WorldEdit command used often for constructing skyscrapers.


The symptoms of Mojangitis are as follows:

  • General Symptoms
    • Increased motivation to build that is higher than normal
    • Increased focus on town-building but often decreased focus on single towns
    • Ability to think of building designs quickly
    • Ability to make strategically planned world edits that can be done with the ease of one command
    • Mastery of //stack
    • Frequent requests for world edit
  • Physical Manifestations
    • Large amounts of skyscrapers in victim's town
    • Series, even entire complexes of buildings with the same rooms all the way through.
    • Heavy usage of /tree and bonemeal for terraforming
    • Victim develops stronger relationship with AdMods due to points 4 and 6 of General Symptoms
    • Victim rarely focuses or doesn't focus on franchise-making as victim focuses more on its town
    • Victim possesses many towns due to lasting motivation to build them

List of infected towns

Extreme cases

As MojangChan was the source of the disease, only his towns can achieve this level of infection.

High-alert cases

Those who perform WorldEdits for Mojang, or provide flights to their towns from Mojang's air facilities are likely to be infected.

Medium-alert cases

Notable victims