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Flag of Murrville.png
Town Officials
Mayor CortesiRaccoon
Deputy Mayor mine_man_
Founder CortesiRaccoon
Facts and Figures
Population 42
Town Hall Coordinates 12421 72 15971
Founded 27 December 2016
Recognized as town 19 January 2017
Town Rank Senator
Renamed 19 January 2018
Official Language(s) English
World New
Post codes MV
City Phone Code 039

Murrville (founded as Yiffville) is a city founded by CortesiRaccoon. It is located on the south-east part of the Omega World in the New World, the city is located on the coast of the Equinox Ocean, in the Savanna biome.

The city's main objective is to re-create a small suburban and environment-friendly town. The roads blend in with nature, and across the entire area you will spot a lot of grassy landscapes and trees.


Murrville started after the opening of the new Epsilon World on the New World. It started with the name of Yiffville and stayed like that until January 2018, when the MRT Staff requested a name change. Murrville is situated in the south-east side of the MRT World. The city started construction on the seaside are of the South Sea, and then started expanding north.

The town reached councillor and mayor rank in less than 1 month, and got accepted for senator on the the 1st March 2018, after it's 1st attempt, and started the construction of it's local Regional Airport. On 28th February 2018 the city signed up to host the MRT Olympics (see Murrville 2018 Olympic Bid)

Tourist Attractions

Diverse Tree

Aerial View of the Diverse Tree.

Coordinates: 12415,70,16027
Metro Station: SB - Central Station
The Diverse Tree is Murville's main landmark. We are used seeing trees with leaves on them, big, mighty. But instead, we're left with a small, fragile tree with no leaves, but that doesn't block us from ssaying it's still a tree. The landmark reflects exactly this, the fact that no matter what we like, or what we do, we are still considered humans. Nowdays people are attacking other people because they don't like the same things as them, considered different, useless. Below the tree, signs recall lyrics from Keala Settle's single "This is Me".

Wagtail Walkway

The Walkway.

Coordinates: 12445,70,15986
Metro Station: SB - Wagtail Station
The Wagtail Walkway is a pedestrian street located next to the Dverse Tree Square. It's a long walkway with a lot of shops and restaurants. It is the main part of Murrville where you can go shoppping for souvenirs or just stop for a quick lunch or dinner. Famous franchises like Kalmar Fried Chicken, eGadgets and Hvt's Arcade are located in this area

The Equilibrist Plaza

Statue view.

Coordinates: 12464,67,16068
Metro Station: SB - Central Station
The Equilibrist is a representation of every man ever. The struggle each person has in it's life where t has to balance everything together, and set everything up so the world doesn't crumble down on them. The Equilibrist Plaza is a square next to the Murrville University. It is usually a hang-out place for people who like to play chess, and for students who exit the University. The garden you see at the plaza is maintained by the Murrville University, and you can usually spot students from the Biochemistry class examin the plants around the plaza.

Murrville Stadium

Stadium aerial.

Coordinates: 12464,67,16068
Metro Station: SB - Stadium Station
You're a fan of the MLS? The you sure need to check out the city's official spleef stadium. It is a small building, with not too many seats, but it has a fully approved field where you can battle your friends in a game of spleef. The field re-sets itself thanks to a command-block based command.

Jasper Beach


Head Emporium


Premier Plaza



Murrville Regional Airport
Murrville Regional
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Murrville Transit Authority
Serves Murrville
Location New World
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 265 81 Concrete

Murrville Regional Airport (IATA: MUR, ICAO: NMUR) is an international airport in the south-eastern part of the New World of the MRT Server. The airport primarily serves the city of Murrville and the nearby city of Port Elizabeth. The airport is run by the airline company Waypoint. It is one of the most southern airports on the New World (Epsilon).


The airport terminal was built in only1 day by user Cortesi. It reflect the spirit of the city: a modern but at the same time old feeling. The terminal consists on 2 floors and a rooftop. On the first floor we find the Check-In Areas and the Arrivals Area. On the second floor we find the Security Check and a small Duty Free. On the rooftop we have the "Skyview" which is an area to see the planes land. on runway 27. The terminal then extends to a satellite containing gates from 1 to 8, and via a tunnel to an off-side area where we find gate 9-10 and 11. You can get to the Airport by travelling on the Suburban A Line and get off at Airport Station.

Flight List

Gate Airline Destination
1 Waypoint Airchester (Epsilon)
2 SkyTrans UCWTIA
3 Air Kirdé Creeperville
4 FreeAir Chalxior
5 IntraAir Segville
6 Infamous Airlines Fort Yaxier
7 BluAir Venceslo
8 CentralJet Norwest
9 FlySubway Espil (Flight continues to airchester)
10 South Weast Charter Jimmy Doolittle
Regional Airport
11 FlyArctic Ilirea

Gate Request

Please fill the table below to request gates at the airport. Cortesi will choose the airlines and will contact you via /mail.

Your name Your airline Destinations Comments
PtldKnight FlyArctic IXM
TalonPlays SkyRaven FSI Medium or Small gate


Suburban Line A

Suburban Line A
Marittimo Station Normal Service
Waterport Station Normal Service
Tailburg Station Normal Service
Airport Station All Trains stop at this station

Suburban Line B

Suburban Line B
Port Elzabeth Station Station Under Construction
Jasper Beach Station Normal Service
Central Station Normal Service
Wagtail Station Normal Service
Stadium Station Station Under Construction

City Map