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The Murrville 2018 Summer Olympic Bid was a failed bid to host the 2018 Summer Olympics. Murrville submitted its bid for the 2018 Summer Olympics backed up by the Epsilon Corporation (now named RacCorp). The sports concept was set to be built in a matter of weeks following the results of the Olympic bidding.

Murrville 2018 Summer Olympic Bid
City Murrville
Previus Games Hosted None
Round 1 1 Points (Not Top 3)
Eliminated in Round 1


Murrville is a fairly new city that got to the Senator rank really fast. The city started building in early January 2017 and got Senator as of March 1st 2018. The city is based off the first impression, meaning everything in the city is well-thought: from the street lamps, to the interiors with a very precise attention to deatils. Murrville is a great representation of how a city should work with it's environment, and all the city is based around that, as well as withstanding some strong arguments such as diversity and similarity. Murrville is new and starting fresh, and it's ready to host an important server-wide event.

Project Overview

Logo and Slogan

As stated, Murrville is a town built for the environment. Its precise terraforming is what we can say is most well known for. The motto and logo of the games are focused on that: having a minimalistic grass aspect as the logo, as well as the colour of nature: green. The green side of the logo (nature) enters in conctact with a more "evoluted color", lilla (modern). It's a unite of nature and modern. The slogan is Growing a better world which is centered around the fact of working with the environment to create better looking cities on our server.



Olympic Village

All venues for this Olympics would have been custom-built from scratch. By doing so they would have been versatile when it came to changing some bits to the existing projects. The Olympic Village was set to be in an area North of the city next to the South Sea and would have contained most of the venues for the Olympic event, allowing a quick connection between sports. The Olympic village was to contain:

  • Main Stadium/Running: Project of building a medium size stadium that was set to be the central stadium for the Olympic games. The stadium was planned to have a flower shape canopy, just like the logo for the event. The Epsilon Corporation would have sponsored the build that was expected to have a capacity of over 500 players. The stadium would have contained the main running track for the event. It was set to be completed in 8 hours.
  • Archery: Meant to be situated in a padillion, rectangular-shaped and fully enclosed, was set to have a capacity of 80 players. It was set to be completed in 1 hour.
  • Swimming: Would have been held in a custom-built venue right on the seaside of South Sea with big windows allowing an amazing view of the sea. It was set to have a capacity of 100 players. It was set to be completed in 3 hours.
  • Parkour: Was set to be built all around the Olympic village, passing through each venue, and on the South Sea. The project was to have a central starting line and ending on top of the Main Stadium.
  • PvP: The area would have been in the Olympic Village and was set to have a capacity for 100 people. It would have been in a fully enclosed area, WWE-style
  • Horse: The horse track would have been in the village as well, and it was set to have space for 100 people and contain a regual-size track.
  • Sumo: very similar building style for the PvP Arena.

Wagtail Lake

Wagtail Lake is very close to the City of Murrville, and is a lake recognize by the MRT Admods, situaded East of the city. It would have hosted the Rowing competition. The big size of the lake and its very challenging rivers would have made it a really nice area for a boat race. The area was set to be modified for the competition.

Mesa Biome

This area was set to be the venue for the Elytra Course. It is situated south of Murrville, in the Mesa Biome. It would have been a giant place with a very large Elytra course.

To Be Decided

  • Golf Course



Murrville currently has an active airport allowing a quick connection between well-known hubs such as Epsilon International Airport, Segville, UCWTIA and Venceslo. It currently has 2 active train lines running in the city. It also has a very big waterport.


  • Extension of the MRT Southern Line, meaning the city will be connected via MRT Station.
  • Extension of the Suburban line A,B to the Elytra Venue, Olympic Village and Wagtail Lake.
  • BluRail connectionvia Warp Train (maybe)
  • Expanded boat services