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Music's Gems
Music 1.png
CEO/Founder Music3 0
Number of Stores 52
Headquarters Zicronia
1st Store Quartz City
25th Store Spawn City
50th Store MegaTown
75th Store TBD
Other Information
Founded June 22, 2013
Headquarters Coordinates 3045, 65, 3050
Current Selling Version 1.7.5 - The Complete Colour Update

Music's Gems is a gem company that specializes into providing the towns and cities of the server with 2 types of gem franchises: The ShowRoom store where the gems are on display and the TowerStore where you can purchase the gems. As well as 3 Distribution Centres where all incoming shipments of gems are held before the delivery of the gems to all other stores. Majority of the stores have no cash registers as everything is to observe the quality and radiances of the gems. Most that you can do is look at them and order from the store and eventually wait for a delivery from on of the 2 Distrubtion Centres or Mega Stores. Due to the Centres being in the East side of the map, expect some delays on the west side of the MRT to get your gems as shipping is expensive and we delver it free to your needs. Currently we are the only gem store on the server and are proud of that. We also plan to keep expanding until the whole server has understood the meaning of gems and their uses in their lives. Headquarters is at Zicronia. Since the beginning, we just started out as a simple franchise, but through the love and support of the MRT community, we have grown to be a household name and now is refined into a Franchise Overlord a name to be known everywhere. Music's Gems is now a Skyscarper token that any city wishing to be one have in its skyline or basic possession. Which is something Music3 0 never dreamed of for the store Franchise back in June 22, 2013.



This company was founded on June 22, 2013 by Music3 0, with the inaugural store placed in Quartz City. Since then, Music's Gems has over 50 stores and multiple contracts to other towns/cities to be distributed before then end of the year. The overall goal of Music3 0 is to bring out the importance of gems throughout the server and that we need to utilize these gems. Stores have a variance in gems need than others.

  • June 22, 2013 Music's Gems First store is placed, the beginning of the era.
  • July 23, 2013 Music's Gems sponsored the development and building of the west playground at the MRT Zoo.
  • August 5, 2013 Music's Gems also sponsored the East Playground.
  • September 4, 2013 - Music's Gems 1st 5 Floor Distribution Centre store is finally open at the new Orwyn-Mall serving the eastern part of Server. The 1st hybrid store on server.
  • October 16, 2013 - Music's Gems 2nd distribution centre in Spawn City
  • November 15, 2013 - Music's Gems 1st MegaStore is finished in Robin's Hill having ALL gem varieties as well as having a huge showroom. The 2nd hybrid store on server
  • December 8, 2013 - Music's Gems now has 25 store on the server.
  • January 1, 2014 - Music's Gems now has its 1.7.4 version with coloured stained glass to emit the gems radiances.
  • February 21 - Music's Gems now has its 2nd MegaStore in Bloomington
  • March 2, 2014 - Music's Gems now has fixed its errors and now is updated to 1.7.5 version which completes this action.
  • March 10, 2014 - Music's Gems now has 50 stores on the server.
  • March 24, 2013 - Music's Gems now is sponsoring Blank and is the 1st one of its kind.


  • All Current Music's Gems owners should talk ask a available staff member for a potential upgrade of the store. As it would be w/e into the same plot just higher and with better quality. P.S. Remember its at the current staffers wishes and please respect them.
  • With 1.8 hitting soon there will be possible more gems available to the store - Stay tuned for more info
  • New game idea looking through
  • Once Multi-Verse comes out, Music's Gems will have a new slogan and have a potential new market field to actually hit the 100 store mark.


"The Only Gem Store on the MRT Server." "You got Dah Moneh, so come to Dah Store." "Music's most radiant & beautiful gems on the server." "Gems, from 2 worlds into your1."


Music3 0




Current Towns

MegaStores Distribution Centres
Robin's Hill Orwyn Mall - All Levels
Bloomington MRT Trade Centre
Tower Store Locations Tower Store Locations Showroom Locations Showroom Locations
Spawn City Zicronia Robin's Hill Olympic Village Atlantis Mall
Quartz City Eisitasi City MRT International Airport Valgrin
MineCity Paradise Island MRT Regional Airport Laurel
Ampitheatre Chuno Crystal Marsh Northeast Waterport
Riverend Palmville MineTopia GreenHaven Mall
Chargestone Fora Hills MRT Cruise Ship MRT Cruise Line - Royal
Kitania Minetown Cheyenne Palmville
Galaxyville Minehattan MRT Map Cyra
Truckee Melno Park Redstone Valley AutoCity
New Kingston Cyra Fairfax TBD
Zip City Frost City TBD TBD
Harbourside Chesterfield TBD TBD
Chrome City Atlanta TBD TBD
Splurgeville MegaTown TBD TBD

Contracted Towns


ShowRoom Stores:

  • Nanthaven
  • Keentlewi's second town (Alrcraft)
  • VinVille

Store Types

Gem Tower

The Gem Tower is Music's Gems most well known trademark on the MRT server. With more than half the server favouring its sleek and narrow design, this prototype has been a longstanding model in all the updates of the stores. With only more additions to the Tower vertically, its became somewhat of a "Skyscraper" token that any town would want if they were to attempt a skyscraper city. With this is mind, Music's Gems Gem Tower is also one of the ONLY franchises on the server that can offer a 100+ block height design with: quality, sleekness, assurance and of course pleasure. Of course there will be additions in the future but the base model will be forever in place so anyone on the server can remember that as 'time goes on, the past doesn't just linger with us, but in turn evolves us.

Frontal View
Top Side View
Bottom Side View
Diagonal View

ShowRoom Stores

The ShowRoom stores of Music's Gems have been extremely popular with the plaza/mall space/urban types of towns. Since the Gem Tower is the national symbol for Music's Gems, the showroom store is quite the little sparkle to a town that needs a little of the gem "oomph". Most ShowRoom stores are custom made stores that fit to the towns needs who cannot have a skyscraper in their town. This is a great substitute to many towns that like to have a less modern to contemporary style than others. With that there is no photos as all are custom and fitted to the towns needs. Usually they're one floor but can be expanded to two. any more than two, your are more than pushed to get a Gem Tower as it will help make the town more glamorous.

Distribution Centres

The Distribution Centres are really self-explanatory. These stores are made to process gems and ship them to the specific Gem Towers & ShowRoom stores across the server. Due to the nature of the size and quantity, these stores are mostly for ordering gems in bulk for business' and other crazy gem fanatics that we love. Since most gems are mined and refined before they hit the Distribution Centres, they're usually off limits to unattended guests and have to be supervised at all times to make sure no theft occurs since there is no high-level security system due to the processing of the gems.

Front View
Side View

Mega Stores

The Mega Stores were the original name of the Gem Tower. The reason for this was due to its size, but once gems were getting more popular and once we passed the 25th store mark, Music3 0 realized that a better system was needed. Therefore the Mega Store is somewhat like the Distribution Centres, but people can come, marvel the gems and actually purchase them. Even though most gems are on display, the gems are still available for purchase. Even though its popular, Music3 0 still wants to keep these stores to a few so that the trademark Gem Tower can thrive and the cozy ShowRoom store can flourish.

Side View

How to Order a Music's Gems

To have a store built in your town/city, please go to the 17th floor at the Distribution Centre in Spawn City go to the chest at the desk and put your name singed into a book selecting either Gem Tower or Gem ShowRoom. Once approved follow these steps:

  • I have set copy points at my store in Chuno for the person to possibly have it w/e to their location exception of custom store order.
  • Once my store is in your town make sure you let me know via mailcentre PO Box or in chat - so I can add the town to the wiki
    • Any store copied without my perms will be prosecuted so please just inform me and you can have it no problem.