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The Musique Unified School District (often abbreviated MUSD), is the public education sector of the city of [[Musique]]. It is overseen by the Musique Department of Education and has offices on the 23rd floor of Musique's City Hall. Plans are being developed for a new dedicated administrative office for MUSD.
The Musique Unified School District (often abbreviated MUSD), is the public education sector of the city of [[Musique]]. MUSD is headquartered in its administration building located at 0 East Meridian Street.
==Measure S==
==Measure S==

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Welcome to the wiki page for the Musique Unified School District! MUSD serves the city of Musique. MUSD believes in educating the whole person and encouraging students to succeed in the three A's: academia, the arts, and athletics.

Visit our website at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd.

MUSD Complex Logo.png
Musique Unified School District
Motto Enlightening Students, Empowering Minds, Educating the Future
Serves Musique
Superintendent Missa_Solemnis
Offices 0 East Meridian Street
Website https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd


The Musique Unified School District (often abbreviated MUSD), is the public education sector of the city of Musique. MUSD is headquartered in its administration building located at 0 East Meridian Street.

Measure S

Musique voters passed Measure S, a bond measure, to provide funding to MUSD to build new facilities and to upgrade existing ones. It will provide $200 Million over 20 years to build up a world-class unified school district for the city of Musique. Learn more about Measure S at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/about/measure-s.


The Musique Unified School District is still a relatively new entity, and as such is in need of professionals to fill positions ranging from teachers to administrators to support staff. Please visit https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/departments/human-resources/jobs to learn more and apply.



MUSD aims to provide the best possible education to its students, providing them with a well-rounded curriculum throughout their schooling years. MUSD's diverse curriculum is designed to allow students to tailor their own educational experience to match their own personal interests. As a result, MUSD's secondary schools employ a no-restriction open enrollment policy, meaning any student can enroll in any course without any restrictions. Each school's administration and teaching faculty does put in place recommended pre-requisite skills for each class, but students are only recommended, not required, to fulfill all of those recommendations.

MUSD's core educational philosophy revolves around the district-wide pillars of achievement, colloquially referred to as "the three A's": Academia, Arts, and Athletics. Students are exposed to each of the three areas of the three A's throughout elementary school but are allowed to have more liberty over their scheduling in middle school and high school. All secondary school students are required to take at least one class in each of the three categories each grading period, however.


The curricula developed by MUSD is designed to align with, and surpass, the Musique Department of Education Content Standards (MDECS). The MDECS provide a comprehensive and rigorous set of standards that all Musique schools, public and non-public, as well as any other schools that have formally adopted the MDECS system, are required to cover in the respective courses offered to students with the objective of attaining mastery of each topic and skill. To assess the level of mastery attained by MUSD's students, the district participates in the annual Musique Department of Education Assessment of Mastery (MDEAM). MUSD students are permitted to opt-out of the assessment if their parents/guardians do not wish them to take it.

Quality of Faculty

MUSD prides itself in the quality of faculty retained by the district. All faculty members are employed under contract, with the contracts coming up for renewal every two years. Faculty members are regularly assessed by a team of education experts, district personnel, and members of the community. Faculty assessments occur randomly throughout the school year. Faculty members are automatically considered for contract renewal unless an issue comes up from an assessment or from a district reporting system. If an issue arises that is deemed an appropriate reason for termination of the faculty member's contract, the motion must be unanimously approved by a panel of individuals made up of the superintendent, the assistant superintendents, the site principal, the site assistant principal, all of the site's department chairs (or another faculty member of the respective department if the affected individual is a chair), at least two other faculty members selected at random, and at least two community members selected at random. The voting will take place following a hearing during which results of evaluations, as well as the contents of reports received by the district, are presented to the panel, and the affected individual is given the opportunity to make a statement to the panel. Assessments of administrators are done in a similar manner, with panels made up of faculty carrying out evaluations and hearings.


MUSD operates three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, a preschool, and various support spaces. Please note that visitors are required to register with the main office of any school site they visit.


The Musique Unified School District currently operates one pre-school.

Musique Preschool

Musique Preschool is located at 60 North Music Avenue. It serves children younger that Pre-K or Transitional Kindergarten age. Infobox coming soon.

Elementary Schools

The three elementary schools operated by MUSD are Spruce Mountain Elementary, Glissando Hill Elementary, and Fat Cat Elementary. SME and GHE are currently in operation while FCE has not been constructed yet.

Spruce Mountain Elementary

Spruce Mountain Elementary
Principal [Vacant]
Assistant Principal [Vacant]
Regions Served Spruce Mountain
Address 251 North Music Avenue
Student Capacity (Normal) 480
Student Capacity (Expanded) 504
Web Page https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/sme
Instructional Spaces
Kindergarten 2 (AM and PM)
1st Grade 4
2nd Grade 4
3rd Grade 4
4th Grade 4
5th Grade 4
Special Education 1
Support Spaces Science Lab
Library-Media Center
Extended Day Care
Transitional Kindergarten
Music Room
Visual Arts
Theatre Arts
Rehearsal Room
Multi-Purpose Room/Auditorium
Transitional Kindergarten
Total Classrooms 31

Spruce Mountain Elementary is located at 251 North Music Avenue. Students who reside on the east side of the MRT Desert Line will be assigned to attend SME. As the first school constructed in Musique, Spruce Mountain Elementary is also the smallest and simplest, and the only school not initially constructed using funding from Measure S. Because of that, SME has gone under the most extensive renovations that are funded through Measure S to bring it up to standard with the other schools. SME is built out of brick, with a distinctive window frame design. Parking is available in the underground parking facility. Please do not park in reserved spaces. Student drop off is available on Music Street.

SME contains 24 general education classrooms, with four classrooms for each grade level from 1st grade through 5th grade, two classrooms for Kindergarten, and a Special Education classroom. The Lower Level of the main building boasts eight support spaces, including a science lab, two afterschool care rooms, a rehearsal room, a music room, a visual arts room, a theatre arts room, and a library-media center. The new administration and classroom building contains six of the 24 classrooms on the upper floor and the school administration on the ground floor. SME's student capacity is 480 but can be expanded to 504 when demand is high.

Visit SME on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/sme.

Glissando Hill Elementary

Glissando Hill Elementary
Principal [Vacant]
Assistant Principal [Vacant]
Regions Served Glissando Hill
Address 101 North Glissando Avenue
Student Capacity (Normal) 600
Student Capacity (Expanded) 630
Web Page https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/ghe
Instructional Spaces
Kindergarten 3 (AM and PM)
1st Grade 5
2nd Grade 5
3rd Grade 5
4th Grade 5
5th Grade 5
Special Education 2
Support Spaces Science Lab
Media Center
Extended Day Care
Transitional Kindergarten
Rehearsal Room
Music Room
Visual Arts
Theatre Arts
Total Classrooms 40

Glissando Hill Elementary, located at 101 North Glissando Avenue and serving students residing on the west side of the MRT Desert Line, was the second school to be constructed in Musique and the first site to be constructed using Measure S funding. It was constructed over a period of 4 months, and due to its novelty and thought-out design, the only upgrades done were the installation of new Lifts to replace EElevators. GHE is not slated to receive any other upgrades in the near future. GHE's iconic design primarily consists of glass, with some quartz accents. Parking is available in the on-site parking facilities below the school, accessible via Big Fat Cat Way; please take the elevators in the main facility up to the office to enter the school. Student drop off is available on Glissando Avenue.

GHE contains 30 general education classrooms, with five classrooms for each grade level from 1st grade through 5th grade, three classrooms for Kindergarten, and two Special Education classrooms. GHE also boasts a science lab, media center, library, auditorium/multi-purpose room, rehearsal space, theatre arts room, visual arts room, and music room. GHE's student capacity is 600 but can be expanded to 630 if necessary.

Visit GHE on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/ghe.

Fat Cat Elementary

Fat Cat Elementary
Principal [Vacant]
Assistant Principal [Vacant]
Regions Served ?
Address ?
Student Capacity (Normal) ?
Student Capacity (Expanded) ?
Web Page https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/fce
Instructional Spaces
Kindergarten ? (AM and PM)
1st Grade ?
2nd Grade ?
3rd Grade ?
4th Grade ?
5th Grade ?
Special Education ?
Support Spaces ?
Total Classrooms ?

Fat Cat Elementary has not been constructed yet and its location has not been finalized.

Visit FCE on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/fce.

Middle Schools

The Musique Unified School District operates one middle school.

Musique Middle School

Musique Middle School
Principal [Vacant]
Assistant Principal [Vacant]
Regions Served Spruce Mountain
Glissando Hill
Address 0 West Music Avenue
Student Capacity (Normal) 1600
Student Capacity (Expanded) 1800
Web Page https://sites.google.com/view/musiquems
Core Subjects Mathematics
Physical Education
Visual or Performing Arts
Electives Journalism
Culinary Science
World Languages
Instructional Spaces
Mathematics 8
English 7
History 8
Science 6
Physical Education 1
Visual and Performing Arts 6
Electives 7
Special Education 4
Support Spaces Auditorium/Performing Arts Center
Black Box Theatre
Athletic Fields and Courts
Library-Media Center
Administrative Offices
Total Classrooms 47

Musique Middle School is the third school to be built for the Musique Unified School District and the second to be built using Measure S funding. It is currently operating, and serves students from grade 6 to grade 8. MMS is located at 0 West Music Street and is the only middle school in MUSD. MMS is built in the Spanish style with some modern influences. As it is the newest MUSD school, MMS is not slated to receive improvements.

MMS contains 47 instructional spaces, including classrooms for Mathematics, English, Science, History, World Languages, Photography, Culinary Science, Business, Journalism, Yearbook, Special Education, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Engineering, Robotics, and Music. MMS also boasts many support spaces including a library-media center, a gymnasium, athletic fields, a performing arts center, and a black box theatre. The student capacity of MMS is 1600-1800 students. Parking is available in an on-site facility, accessible via Music Street. Student drop off is available on Park Avenue and in the parking facility.

Visit MMS on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiquems.

High Schools

The Musique Unified School District operates one high school that contains a specialty division for the arts.

Musique High School

Musique High School has not yet been built and its location is not finalized.

Visit MHS on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/mhs.

Arts High School of Musique

The Arts High School of Musique (AHSoM) is a specialty division of Musique High School for students who are interested in pursuing their artistic endeavors more seriously. As it is part of MHS, AHSoM has not yet been built.

Visit AHSoM on the web at https://sites.google.com/view/musiqueusd/schools/ahs.