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Minor (Ports)
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|'''Hendon Docks Ferry Terminal'''
|'''Hendon Docks Ferry Terminal'''
|Nymphalia, Seoland, Creeperville
|Nymphalia, Seoland, Creeperville

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Founder SoaPuffball
Parent Company myles
Employees N/A
Primary Hubs Deadbush, MRT Marina, Morihama Ferry Terminal, Creeperville, Mason City
Secondary Hubs Nymphalia, Oaktown, Zerez
No. of Ports 21

mylesFerry is a boat company servicing various towns and cities founded by SoaPuffball. Instead of using boat lines, it uses a web of connections from a dock to another.


Location Name Connections Warp Name
Creeperville mylesFerry Creeperville Docks Morihama Ferry Terminal, Chalxior, MRT Marina, Nymphalia, Seoland, Hendon, Titsensaki, Onemalu myles.f.cre.1, myles.f.cre.2
Deadbush Deadbush Valley District Port New Southport, Plainsley, Zerez, Whiteley, MRT Marina, Morihama Ferry Terminal myles.f.db
Mason City Mason City Port MRT Marina, Oaktown, Gundon myles.f.mason
Morihama Ferry Terminal Morihama Ferry Terminal Monte Isola, MRT Marina, San Vinceszo, Vermilion, Creeperville, Deadbush myles.f.mori
MRT Marina, Achowalogen Takachsin MRT Marina Morihama Ferry Terminal, Oaktown, Creeperville, Mason City, Gundon, Deadbush, Vermilion myles.f.mrt
Location Name Connections Warp Name
Chalxior Chalxior Grande Waterport Seoland, Creeperville, Onemalu myles.f.chalxior
Gundon Gundon Dock Oaktown, MRT Marina, Mason City myles.f.gun
Hendon Hendon Docks Ferry Terminal Nymphalia, Seoland, Creeperville myles.f.hendon
Oaktown Oaktown Dock Nymphalia, MRT Marina, Gundon, Mason City myles.f.oak
Monte Isola Monte Isola Harbour Morihama Ferry Terminal, San Vinceszo myles.f.mon
New Southport New Southport Port Deadbush myles.f.nsp
Nymphalia Nymphalia Snowspark Docks Oaktown, Seoland, Hendon, Creeperville myles.f.nym
Onemalu Moku Uapo Regional Pier Creeperville, Chalxior
Plainsley Plainsley Dock Deadbush myles.f.plains
Seaview Aguaspueblos Marina Morihama Ferry Terminal, Vermilion myles.f.sea
Seoland Seoland Dock Creeperville, Nymphalia, Hendon, Chalxior myles.f.seo
Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Docks Zerez myles.f.sun
Titsensaki mylesFerry Titsensaki Dock Creeperville myles.f.ts
Vermilion Humphrey Terminal Morihama Ferry Terminal, MRT Marina, Seaview myles.f.ver
Whiteley Hinkley Port Zerez, Deadbush myles.f.white
Zerez Zerez Capital Providence Port Deadbush, Whiteley, Sunshine Coast myles.f.zer