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Tag: 2017 source edit
Tag: 2017 source edit
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| data3 = [[Republic of Shenghua|Shenghua]]
| data3 = [[Republic of Shenghua|Shenghua]]
| label4 = Founders
| label4 = Founders
| data4 = {{u|i____7d}}, {{u|Airplanguy9}}, {{u|mi_aquamarine}}
| data4 = {{u|i____7d}}, {{u|Airplaneguy9}}, {{u|mi_aquamarine}}
| label5 = Founded
| label5 = Founded
| data5 = 24/03/2020
| data5 = 24/03/2020

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Leader mi_aquamarine
Capital Shenghua
Founders i____7d, Airplaneguy9, mi_aquamarine
Founded 24/03/2020
MRT None
Bus None
Road None
Water We're gonna rename the lake
Air Damn I wish :( maybe in the future
Rail FLR
No. of Towns 3
Currency Nansei Yen (NG¥)
Denonym Nanseii
MPO Republic of Epsilon
Other languages
Japanese/Chinese 南西群島
Xhosa Iziqithi-emazanti

The Nansei-Gunto Region is a region in the southwest corner of Zeta on the New World. It was founded on 24 March 2020 by i____7d, Airplaneguy9 and mi_aquamarine. Its capital is Shenghua, the capital of the former Republic of Shenghua. Activity in the region date back to Zeta's opening day, when all cities in the region were founded minutes from each other.


The name 'Nansei-Gunto' means 'Southwest Archipelago' in Japanese (南西群島). Wenyangans often call the region 'Iziqithi-emazanti', which means 'south islands' in Xhosa.


The first city to be established in what is now Nansei-Gunto was Kazeshima by i____7d, then Shenghua by mi_aquamarine, then Wenyanga by Airplaneguy9. All these towns were founded within a half hour of each other. Shenghua was the first town to set up a republic, namely the Republic of Shenghua, on the same day, 29 February 2020.

On 22 March 2020, the three mayors met at Kazeshima Town Hall in order to talk about establishing a region, but citizens from the Rep. of Shenghua came to try and prevent talks in order to prevent relationships with the other cities, specifically Wenyanga, who they saw as 'intruders of our culture'. Armed Kazeshima forces as well as other Kazeshima citizens came to fight off the protesters, but the protesters gained more ground into moving towards the Town Hall. In the end, the Peacopolis Army, led by ktkren777, and Sansvikk Armed Forces helped Kazeshima, with Wenyanga's citizens attacking the protesters from behind. The protesters were defeated, and out of the 2000 in the skirmish, 228 were killed with another 1016 injured. This incident, known as the Battle of Kazeshima, lowered diplomatic and trade relationships with the Republic of Shenghua from the rest of the MRT. Despite this, i____7d and mi_aquamarine still wanted to establish a region in order to start a region of peace.

23 March was a day of bloodshed, as little fights between the protesters and the police happened in the three cities. While fights in Kazeshima and Wenyanga stopped later that day, Shenghua experienced violence until the following day. In all, another 32 protesters were killed.

Finally, with armed forces guarding the Town Hall, and to a huge cheering crowd outside, i____7d, mi_aquamarine, and Airplaneguy9 signed the document that officially established the Nansei-Gunto Region. No more violence happened that day or afterward, and the three leaders met several times to discuss topics such as a capital, currency, and leader. mi_aquamarine was sworn in as the new leader of the Nansei-Gunto Region, and Shenghua was made the capital on 29 March 2020.


As its name suggests, Nansei-Gunto is found in the southwest area of Zeta. It is composed of two islands (Kazeshima and Shenghua) and one coast connected to the mainland (Wenyanga). The region is mostly flat, and consists of Plains (Kazeshima) and Desert (Shenghua) biomes. Wenyanga sits on a beach bordering a Plains biome. The region borders no other regions, but daltdisneyland's town of [I don't know, please fill in - Airplane] borders the region to the northeast, and the border ends at the Savannah biome north of Wenyanga.

The region includes the iceberg field east of Kazeshima, which are known as the Kazekori Ice Fields. They are protected by the Nansei-Gunto government, and it is forbidden to build anything but piers, flags, and signs (block) in the area. The City of Kazeshima sits on a plain, with an oak forest to the east, only claimed by Nansei-Gunto on 25 March. Before, they were no-man's-land. The collective name for the whole island is technically Kazeshima (wind island), but the name 'Kazeshima' is generally used to refer to just the city and not the entire island. Kazeshima contains the Setsuritsu Islets, made of 1 big island (Setsuritsushima) and 6 smaller islets, of which of the 6 islets, only islets 4 and 6 have piers on them, drawing tourists. Kazeshima also contains the Far Islets, an archipelago of 8 islets far apart from each other. Islets 1-3 are near the Kazeshima Ferry Terminal, while 6 and 7 is reserved for a future animal-boat racing field. Islet 8 is the farthest, lying almost 2200 blocks south, in the only warm waters in the region.

yhe aetsd to Suritands, an archipelago of 1 big island (Setsuritsushima) and 6 smaller islts.Islets.smaller Of the 6 isletsets, SuIslets ritsu 4 and 6 are big enough to be visited by boats bringing There are also 5hhe region.

The entire island of Shenghua, known as Shenghua-shima, is a completely desert island. There is one small plains area near the southeast coast, but the rest is all desert. It is twice as large as Kazeshima, and many rivers bisect the island. There is a lake, Kazemizumi (wind lake), in the middle of the island. The north section of the island is at some parts less than 100 blocks from the mainland. It is the flattest island, having an average height of 7basl (blocks above sea level).

Politics and Government

Nansei-Gunto is a democracy, and it has been headed by Governor Aquamarine since 29 March 2020. Aquamarine is also the first leader of the Region.

Nansei-Gunto is one of the regions part of the Republic of Epsilon. The three cities all fall under 'Region of Nansei-Gunto' in the RoE's town list. The region, as such, follows the laws of the Republic.

Shenghua's seat is for the Progessive Party, Kazeshima's the Liberals and Wenyanga's the Llama Liberterians.