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(Royal Ferry Broad street & St.Roux station finally have been completed. High Speed service to Central City will commence soon)
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|Siletz||Operational||Commuter 1<br>Commuter 2<br> High Speed 1<br> InterCity 1<br>InterCity 2<br>InterCity 3
|Siletz||Operational||Commuter 1<br>Commuter 2<br> High Speed 1<br> InterCity 1<br>InterCity 2<br>InterCity 3
InterCity 4
|Siletz Salvador Station (IntraRail)||Operational||Commuter 3
|Siletz Salvador Station (IntraRail)||Operational||Commuter 3

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Network South Central
Company Info
Parent Great Southern Royal Ferry Transit
Founded September 2016
Headquarters Mikeland
Director Mayor of Royal Ferry
Service Area Greater Royal Ferry to Central Royal Ferry
Service Type Suburban & Commuter Rail, Bus
Routes 17
Operating Stops 64
Fleet 2
Power Hybrid, Electric, Diesel

Network South Central is a company responsible for commuter rail and bus operations to and from the Greater Royal Ferry Area. Since the main operational goal is to provide service to areas surrounding Royal Ferry, as such all services stop at Royal Ferry Victoria either as a terminus or through point.

NSC News Bulletion

Post Zeta Network South Central aims to improve its network.

  • All stations will finally have signage indicating the station name, destinations available, and transfers
  • All NSC owned stations will receive personalized walls reflecting the station name, to give each station its own unique flare
  • All island platform stations will have new brighter station designs, overhead electricity in station, as well as other improvements mentioned above

NSC also aims to electrify as much of the network as possible

Corporate Image

In Septermber of 2017 Royal Transit was rebranded as Network South Central but stations and documents still had the Royal Transit branding. In November of 2017 Network South Central was relaunched with new logos, corporate colors and signs. All stations operated by NSC will be transitioned to be predominantly red. All rolling stock will be either repainted or new stock will be ordered. There are four different services styles operated by NSC. The first would be Inter-city services whose primary color is gray on maps and some rolling stock. The second would be the commuter services in Greater Royal Ferry whose primary color is red on maps and some rolling stock. The third would be the Royal-Connect services which operate in the city center their primary color is orange on maps and some rolling stock. The fourth would be non-rail services, particular inter city bus services whose fleet are orange and blue and are represented by black on maps and other documentation.


Chief Office - Royal Ferry
Kolpino Main Line Signalling Center - Kolpino
Customer Service Office - Mojangtown


All services

Route Number Cities Served1 Status Frequency Notes
Z121 Central City  No Disruptions Open.png Every hour at all times N/A
Z513 Scarborough  No Disruptions Open.png Every 90 minutes, all times N/A
Z529 Northberg  No Disruptions Open.png Every 3 hours, No overnight N/A
Z535 Formosa  No Disruptions Open.png Every hour all times except nights N/A
Z537 Schillerton  No Disruptions Open.png Every hour, all times N/A
Z543 Whitechapel Downs  No Disruptions Open.png Fridays, Weekends and Game Days only N/A
Z571 Siletz  No Disruptions Open.png Every 30 minutes during Rush hour, Every hour other times N/A
Z578 MRT Land  No Disruptions Open.png Every 2 hours weekdays, Every hour on weekends and holidays N/A

Network South Central


Rail Services

No. First Termini Second Termini Intermediate Stops Rolling Stock Status Frequency Times
1 Kolpino Evella Utopia
Old Street
Royal Ferry Victoria
Oakley- Exchange
Musique East
Musique West
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.png Full Service Operational TBA TBA
2 Royal Ferry Victoria or
Royal Ferry Paddington
Freedon Exchange Subryanville*
Royal Ferry - Broad Street*
San Renoldi
Freedon West
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.png Full service Operational.

Trains to Royal Ferry Paddington are operated during rush hours only.

*Some stations served during rush hours only

2N Freedon Exchange Freedon International or Northberg South Freedon Central
Freedon City Center
Freedon Market
Freedon Airfield
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.png Full Service Operational
Limited rush hour service to Northberg South
2S Freedon Exchange St.Roux Freedon Edo
Izumo Old Town
Izumo South
Izumo Mall
Izumo Backlands
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.png Line open between Freedon Exchange and Izumo Backlands TBA TBA
3 Royal Ferry Victoria Grayzen Siletz
Dabecco Main
Dabecco Exchange
Lochminehead- Trijunction
Rochshire South
Rochshire Central
Rochshire North
Grayzen Airport
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.png Full Service Operational TBA TBA
4 Royal Ferry Victoria Astoria Siletz
Scarborough North
Scarborough Central
Rockham - Eamington West
Rockham Central
Haibian North
Haibian Hall
Haibian Central
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.png Open between Royal Ferry Victoria and Haibian Central TBA TBA
1 Central City Royal Ferry
City Hall
Royal Ferry Victoria
Dabecco East
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.pngTimetable Off-Peak 4tph
2 Central City Oakley
Greenplain Heights
Bourbon Street
Oakley- Exchange
Dabecco West
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.pngSection from Central City to Bourbon Street is open. Section between Dabecco West and Siletz is open. TBA TBA
3 Siletz (NSC) Siletz Salvador Station Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.pngShuttle ServiceTimetable Off-Peak 3tph
4 South Ruimveldt Royal Ferry Broad St East Ruimveldt
West Ruimveldt
North La Penitence
Royal Ferry Paddington
East La Penitience
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.pngLine open between Paddington and Broad St TBA TBA
High Speed
1 Central City Kolpino Broad Street
Matheson Junction
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.pngOpen between Kolpino and Siletz TBA TBA
2 Evella Central City Segville
Broad Street
Insert Picture  Partial Service Open.png Open between Evella and Segville TBA TBA

Rolling Stock

Class number Picture Description Number Built
Class 125/0 ENTER PICTURE HERE Standard diesel loco and coach set with engine on both sides
Class 378/0 NSC-LO-FR.png Standard electric multiple unit for Commuter services
Class 378/1 NSC-LO-FR.png Diesel electric multiple unit for Commuter services on the Royal City line and South Central Main Line
Class 700/0 NSC-TL-FR.png Standard electric multiple unit for InterCity services
Class 700/1 NSC-TL-FR.png Diesel electric multiple unit for InterCity services on the Evella Expo, Formosa City , and Kolpino Main Line

Named Lines

Name of Line Termini List of Stations Included Total Frequencies
Evella Expo Line Evella
Evella, Glenbrook, Aprix, Musique West, Musique East, Segville
Far East Line Freedon West
Freedon International
Freedon West, Freedon Central, Freedon East, Freedon City Centre, Freedon North, Freedon Airfield, Freedon International
Kolpino Main Line Kolpino
Kolpino, Utopia, Matheson Old Street, Matheson Junction, Siletz
Royal City Line Paddington
Royal Ferry Victoria
Paddington, Mountainside, City Hall, Royal Ferry Victoria
South Central Main Line Royal Ferry Victoria
Royal Ferry Victoria, Dabecco East, Siletz


Station Name Operation / Non-Operational Services
Aprix Operational InterCity 1
Boardwalk Operational Commuter 4
Bourbon Street Operational Commuter 2
Central City Operational Commuter 1
Commuter 2
High Speed 1
High Speed 2
City Hall Operational Commuter 1
Dabecco East Operational Commuter 1
Dabecco Exchange Operational Central Cities Rail Loop
InterCity 3
Dabecco Main Operational InterCity 3
Dabecco West Operational Commuter 2
Danielston Non-Operational InterCity 1
East La Penitence Operational Commuter 4
Evella Operational High Speed 2
InterCity 1
Freedon Airfield Operational InterCity 2N
Freedon Central Operational InterCity 2N
Freedon City Center Operational InterCity 2N
Freedon Edo Operational InterCity 2S
Freedon Exchange Operational InterCity 2
Freedon International Operational InterCity 2N
Freedom Market Operational InterCity 2N
Freedon West Operational InterCity 2
Glenbrook Operational InterCity 1
Government Circle Operational Commuter 1
Grayzen Central Operational InterCity 3
Grayzen Airport Operational InterCity 3
Greenplain Heights Operational Commuter 1
Haibian Central Operational InterCity 4
Haibian Hall Operational InterCity 4
Haibian North Operational InterCity 4
Izumo Backlands Operational InterCity 2S
Izumo Mall Operational InterCity 2S
Izumo Old Town Operational InterCity 2S
Izumo South Operational InterCity 2S
Kensington Non-Operational Commuter 2
Kolpino Operational High Speed 1
InterCity 1
Lochminehead Trijunction Operational Central Cities Rail Loop
InterCity 3
Loundon Operational InterCity 3
Matheson Old Street Operational InterCity 1
Matheson Junction Operational High Speed 1
Mountainside Operational Commuter 1
Musique East Operational InterCity 1
Musique West Operational InterCity 1
Oakley Exchange Operational Commuter 2
InterCity 1
Northberg South Operational Commuter 2N
Rockham Central Operational InterCity 4
Rockham - Eamington West Operational InterCity 4
Rochshire Central Operational InterCity 3
Rochshire North Operational InterCity 3
Rochshire South Operational InterCity 3
Royal Ferry Broad Street - Lower Level Operational High Speed 1
High Speed 2
Royal Ferry Broad Street - Upper Level Operational Commuter 4
InterCity 2
Royal Ferry Paddington Operational Commuter 4
InterCity 2
Royal Ferry Victoria Operational Commuter 1
InterCity 1
InterCity 2
InterCity 3
InterCity 4
Royalston Operational Commuter 4
San Renoldi Operational InterCity 2
Scarborough North Operational InterCity 4
Scarborough Central Operational InterCity 4
Siletz Operational Commuter 1
Commuter 2
High Speed 1
InterCity 1
InterCity 2
InterCity 3

InterCity 4

Siletz Salvador Station (IntraRail) Operational Commuter 3
Segville Operational* High Speed 2
InterCity 1
Stratos Operational InterCity 4
St.Roux Operational InterCity 2S
Subryanville Operational Commuter 4
InterCity 2
Sylvania Operational Central Cities Rail Loop
Thunderbird Operational InterCity 2
Utopia Operational High Speed 1
InterCity 1
Woodsbane Operational InterCity 3
Total Station Count = 64