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(Network South Central's first line is now officially open !)
Line 175: Line 175:
| 2
| 2
|rowspan=1| Formosa
|rowspan=1| Segville
|rowspan=1| Siletz
|rowspan=1| Siletz
|rowspan=1| Segville<br>Royal Ferry Victoria <br> Dabecco  
|rowspan=1| Royal Ferry-Victoria <br> Dabecco  
|rowspan=1| Insert Picture
|rowspan=1| Insert Picture
|rowspan=1| {{GSRFT|SVD}}<br> Service between Segville and Dabecco only
|rowspan=1| {{GSRFT|GOD}}
|rowspan=1| Every 30 Minutes
|rowspan=1| Every 30 Minutes
|rowspan=1| All day
|rowspan=1| All day
Line 197: Line 197:
|rowspan=1| Siletz<br>San Renoldi
|rowspan=1| Siletz<br>San Renoldi
|rowspan=1| Insert Picture
|rowspan=1| Insert Picture
|rowspan=1| {{GSRFT|LNC}}<br>Coming after line 1
|rowspan=1| {{GSRFT|LNC}}<br>Coming after line 2
|rowspan=1| Every 45 min
|rowspan=1| Every 45 min
|rowspan=1| Weekdays
|rowspan=1| Weekdays

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Network South Central
Company Info
Parent Great Southern Royal Ferry Transit
Founded September 2016
Headquarters Mikeland
Director Mayor of Royal Ferry
Service Area Greater Royal Ferry to Central Royal Ferry
Service Type Suburban & Commuter Rail, Bus
Routes 10
Stops 3
Fleet 2
Power Hybrid, Electric, Diesel

This company is responsible for commuter rail and bus operations to and from the Greater Royal Ferry Area. Since the main operational goal is to provide service to areas surrounding Royal Ferry, as such all services stop at Royal Ferry Victoria either as a terminus or through point

Corporate Image

In Septermber of 2017 Royal Transit was rebranded as Network South Central but stations and documents still had the Royal Transit branding. In November of 2017 Network South Central was relaunched with new logos, corporate colors and signs. All stations operated by NSC will be transitioned to be predominantly red. All rolling stock will be either repainted or new stock will be ordered. There are four different services styles operated by NSC. The first would be Inter-city services whose primary color is gray on maps and some rolling stock. The second would be the commuter services in Greater Royal Ferry whose primary color is red on maps and some rolling stock. The third would be the Royal-Connect services which operate in the city center their primary color is orange on maps and some rolling stock. The fourth would be non-rail services, particular inter city bus services whose fleet are orange and blue and are represented by black on maps and other documentation.


All services

Route Number Cities Served1 Status Frequency Notes
Z121 Central City Temporarily Closed 1 Per Hour All day N/A
Z535 Formosa Temporarily closed Every 30 minutes during Rush hour and Saturday's only Planned
Z571 Siletz  No Disruptions Open.png Every 30 minutes during Rush hour, Every hour other times N/A
Z578 MRT Land  No Disruptions Open.png Every 2 hours weekdays, Every hour on weekends and holidays N/A

Network South Central


WIP Timetable

No. First Termini Second Termini Intermediate Stops Rolling Stock Status Frequency Times
1 Royal Ferry Victoria Werk-En-Rust Airfield Matheson
Astoria Central
Insert Picture  Line Closed 
Not top priority
Every 1 Hour Weekdays
2 Segville Siletz Royal Ferry-Victoria
Insert Picture  No Disruptions Open.png Every 30 Minutes All day
3 Kolpino Royal Ferry Victoia Matheson Junction
Matheson Old Street
Insert Picture  Stop Under Construction 
Coming before the end of the year
Matheson Junction will open after the rest of the line
Every 1 Hour Everyday Except Sunday & No Late Night Service
4 Royal Ferry Victoria Freedon Siletz
San Renoldi
Insert Picture  Line Under Construction 
Coming after line 2
Every 45 min Weekdays
5 Grayzen Royal Ferry Victoria
Grayzen Airport
Dabecco East
Insert Picture  Line Closed 
Not top priority right now
Every 2 Hours All day
6 Central City Royal Ferry Victoria
Park South
Insert Picture  Planned 
Waiting for confirmation of rolling stock before construction starts
Every 30 Minutes All day