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Tag: 2017 source edit
Tag: 2017 source edit
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*''NewRail Station Count: 22''
*''NewRail Station Count: 22''
*''NewRail FLR Station Count: 18''
*''NewRail FLR Station Count: 18''
*''FLR Nansei-Gunto Station Count: 3''
*''FLR Nansei-Gunto Station Count: 5''
*'''''Total station count: 43'''''
*'''''Total station count: 45'''''
=NewRail (Main)=
=NewRail (Main)=

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NewRail is a warprail train service that operates mainly for metro areas. The company aims to deliver quality services throughout its lines.

  • NewRail Station Count: 22
  • NewRail FLR Station Count: 18
  • FLR Nansei-Gunto Station Count: 5
  • Total station count: 45

NewRail (Main)

Interurbano Line 1 (Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Las Playas Open frogggggg
2 Durham Parkway (Carretera del Durham) Open TechsMinecraft54
3 Oceanview (Vista al mur) Open frogggggg, ModernArt, TechsMinecraft54
4 Green Farm (Granje Verde) Open frogggggg, ModernArt, TechsMinecraft54
5 Thurso Shoreditch Open ModernArt

Bearbury Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Bearbury North Open Osbuso
2 Bearbury South Open Osbuso
3 Norwest Highgate Open ModernArt
4 Norwest Seasons Halt Open ModernArt
5 Norwest Aylesbury Open ModernArt
6 Norwest Southern Ranges Open ModernArt
7 Lakeborough Open TechsMinecraft54
8 Skogheim Planned Starcubed

Bearbury Line Branch (Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Norwest Freshwater Open ModernArt
2 Norwest Highgate Open ModernArt

Pasadena Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Waterville Municipal Airfield Platforms Built PtldKnight
2 Waterville Pontiac Platforms Built PtldKnight
3 Waterville Union Open PtldKnight
4 North Pasadena Open ModernArt
5 Pasadena Central Open ModernArt
6 South Pasadena Open ModernArt
7 Voltsphere Central Regional Planned ModernArt

Norwest Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Norwest South Highgate Planned ModernArt
2 Norwest Central Open ModernArt
3 Norwest Hospital Open ModernArt
4 Lakeborough Open TechsMinecraft54
5 Skogheim Planned Starcubed

Kaloro Line Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Kaloro Open Needn_NL
2 Norwest Southern Forest Closed ModernArt
3 Lakeborough Open TechsMinecraft54
4 Skogheim Under Construction Starcubed

Northern Line (Planning)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Thurso St Pauls Planning ModernArt
2 Las Playas Planning frogggggg
3 Port Newbury Planning TechsMinecraft54
3A, 3B etc. Future Inbetween Stations Planning N/A
4 'Prison Colony' Planning Needn_NL
5 Future Inbetween Stations Planning N/A
5A Newbridge Planning Yellowitcher
6 Kaloro Closed Needn_NL
7 Norwest South Forest Closed ModernArt
8 Lakeborough Closed TechsMinecraft54
9 Skogheim Closed Starcubed
10 Frostbite Planning SirNatureWriter
11 Ardylyn's town Planning Ardylyn
12 Future Inbetween Stations Planning N/A
13 East Spruce Planning MaxStewartS
14 PMW Planning dragonbloon419
14 Stoneedge South Planning N/A
15 Quiris Closed _HeavenAngle_
16 Dandenong Perms given with caution MC_Dunc
17 New Phoenix Planned _MajorMagpie_
18 Winterside Perms not finalised Needn_NL
19 Creeperville Station Under Construction Frosty_Creeper10
20 Creeperville Shimoko Under Construction Frosty_Creeper10
21 Saint Anna Open Vulpicula
22 Ravenna Union Open Valkorian314
23 Westbeach Planned ModernArt
24 Titsensaki Beachville Junction Closed frogggggg
25 Titsensaki Ironhill Closed frogggggg

NewRail FLR

NewRail FLR is a division of NewRail, and it is operation in the south of the New World. The manager is i____7d.

NewRail FLR uses NewRail's stock. R-prefix routes are local services and they use a 2-car green train. R-branch routes use 2-car lime trains instead. W-prefix routes are express services and they use 3-car brown trains.


Line R1/W1

Code R W Name Transfers Status
NSG New Singapore Platforms built
SQM | Snoqualmie Planned
YKN Yukon R4 W4 Planned
HGN Haguenau Open
KSD Sansvikk Karlstad Open
NSP | New Southport Open
VNV | Villanueva R2 Open
GIL Gillmont R2 Open
SBK Southbank R2 W2 Open
CLV | Columnville Open
LSF | Loydon Stratford R1A Open
CLW | | Collingwood Canceled
NGS | New Genisys Open
DEV | Devon Open
NIZ New Izumo Open
PEA | Peacopolis R1B Open
SOK | Southoak Open
LVR Foresne Liveray R3A Open
LGT | Lugton Planned
RDT Redwood Downtown R3 W3 Planned
RSH | Redwood Sherfield National Park R3 Planned
SBG | Southburg Planned
MTS | MeTromso Planned

Line R1A

Code Name Transfer Status
PRL Paralia R2 Under construction
NBO Newbourne Open
LSF Loydon Stratford R1 Open
SBY Stone Bay Open

Line R1B

Code Name Transfer Status
PEA Peacopolis R1 Planned
PCE Peacopolis International Airport Planned

Line R2/W2

Code R W Name Transfers Status
??? Deadbush R5 Planned
TBH Totem Beach Planned
PRL | Paralia R1A Under construction
TIN | Tinimia Under construction
SBK Southbank R1 W1 Tracks built
GIL | Gillmont R1 W1 Tracks built
VNV | Villanueva R1 Tracks built
SAV Savannah Planned
CTB | Cactusburg Planned
??? | D50 station, or Blagovka Planned
MNO Monolith R5 W5 Planned
XTE | Xterium R5 Planned
TEM Tembok R5 Planned
CBY Chan Bay Planned

Line R3/W3

Code R W Name Transfers Status
SUN Seolho Union Planned
RSH | Redwood Sherfield National Park R1 Planned
RDT Redwood Downtown R1 W1 Planned
DGC | Dand Grand Central Open
LGV Lilygrove Union R3A Open
OCS Oceanside Bayfront Under construction
??? Traxika's town Planned

Line R3A

Code Name Transfer Status
ANI Anime City Planned
LGV Lilygrove Union R3 Platforms acquired
CHE Chroma Empire Planned
LVR Foresne Liveray R1 W1 Platforms acquired

Line R4/W4

Code R W Name Transfers Status
??? Córdoba? Planned
??? | BigBrotherD's town Planned
RIZ Rizalburg Planned
SHV | Snowhaven Planned
YKN Yukon W1 Platforms built
??? Crystalflame's town Under construction
??? unjinz's town Planned

FLR Nansei-Gunto

FLR Nansei-Gunto is a division of NewRail, managed by i____7d. It uses modified NewRail stock for the N lines, and Shinkansens for the H lines.

 N1  Line N1 / Kitsunebashi Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png N100 Kasenmachi 下線町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N101 Please Connect to the Internet 翻訳町 (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png N102 Tokotoshokan 東湖図書館
Dynmap Green Flag.png N103 Chuokomachi 中央湖町
Dynmap Green Flag.png N104 Owomachi オウォ町
Dynmap Pin.png N105 Uwumachi ウヴ町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N106 Kitsunebimachi 狐尾町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N107 Kitsuneatamamachi 狐頭町 (planned)

 N2  Line N2 / Namboku Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png N200 Takagawaramachi 高川原町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N201 Nekotoinumachi 猫と犬町 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png N202 Uwumachi ウヴ町 (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png N203 Owomachi オウォ町
Dynmap Green Flag.png N204 Aomi 青見
Dynmap Cross.png N207 Eaukoi Channel 優鯉海峡 (closed)
Dynmap Construction.png N208 Shenghua South 盛华南 (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png N209 Wenyanga ウェンヤンガ (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png N210 St Helena セン・ヘレナー (under construction)
Dynmap Cross.png N211 New Singapore 新シンガポール (closed)
Dynmap Cross.png N212 Rizalburg リザールブーグ (closed)

 N3  Line N3 / Tamagobashi Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png N398 Tamagokadomachi 卵門町 (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png N399 Daremachi 誰町
Dynmap Green Flag.png N300 Owomachi オウォ町
Dynmap Pin.png N301 Sakyumachi 砂丘町 (planned)

 H1  Line H1 / Tamagobashi Shinkansen

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png H196 New Singapore 新シンガポール (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png H197 St Helena セン・ヘレナー (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png H198 Wenyanga ウェンヤンガ (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png H199 Shenghua South 盛华南 (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png H100 Eaukoi Channel 優鯉海峡 (under construction)
Dynmap Cross.png H101 Owomachi オウォ町 (closed)

 H2  Line H2 / Sakyubashi Shinkansen

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png H200 Tokotoshokan 東湖図書館 (closed)
Dynmap Pin.png H201 Tamagokadomachi 卵門町 (planned)