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NewRail is a warprail train service that operates mainly for metro areas. The company aims to deliver quality services throughout its lines.

Bearbury Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Bearbury North Open ModernArt
2 Bearbury South Open ModernArt
3 Norwest Highgate Open ModernArt
Norwest Seasons Halt 4 Open ModernArt
5 Norwest Aylesbury Planned ModernArt
6 Norwest Southern Ranges Planned ModernArt
7 Lakeborough Planned TechsMinecraft54
8 Skogheim Planned Starcubed

Pasadena Line (Partially Open)

Station Station name Status Mayor
1 Waterville Pontiac Planned PtldKnight
2 North Pasadena Open ModernArt
3 Pasadena Central Open ModernArt
4 South Pasadena Open ModernArt
5 Fresno Central Regional Planned ModernArt