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|above = New Genisys
|above = New Genisys

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New Genisys
Southern New World , Ward 5
Important Dates
Rank [Senator]
Town Officials
Mayor LightningMC
Deputy Mayor CodyHM
Road null
Boat null
Air New Genisys Airfield
Rail null

Democratic Republic of Vulpine

This city is a member of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine.

New Genisys is a small city very near the world border in the rural 5th ward. The town is known for its distinctive architecture, including a colorful road system. The town is currently senator. Some attractions include the New Genisys River, the Genesis Military Training Center, and the Genesis Skytower. It uses concrete powder terraforming and the usage of a different block for each road which helps the colors stand out. Unlike many cities on the MRT, New Genisys uses walking pathways. Therefore, there are no “road vehicles” in this town.


  • Please do not change the roads or the blocks used just because you don't like it without permission. I know many aren't crazy about redstone being used for road material.
  • Due to not using driving roads, New Genisys is NOT OPEN to road connections. Transportation to other cities should be rail lines or air transport.


The City was founded after LightingMC was double warned for griefing Venceslo. He decided that he wanted a change from his old town, Genesis. He found a spot near the southern worldboarder, and began building. The city developed rapidly, going from unranked to senator in only a few months. Some had a grievance with the unusual road coloring, a tribute to his old town, but many got past that fact in promoting the city. It only took 2 attempts to get Senator due to its first attempt being rejected due to a low build count. New Genisys is looking towards a bright future as a hub of the southern New World.


The Genesis River

The Genesis River is a river flowing through the city. It is known for its colorful riverbanks made of different types of powdered concrete.


The Genesis Skytower is one of the city's highest buildings, with a view over the entire colorful metropolis.

Genesis Broadway

The Genesis Broadway is the redstone road located within the town. It is the widest of all walking paths and is made to pay tribute to Genesis, which used all redstone roads. A minecart trolley runs in the center of this road.

Ambarino Military Base

New Genisys has Ambarino Military Base a large military base in the mountains west of the city. The military base is named after the mountain region Ambarino in Red Dead Redemption 2. The military base has one section with a research facility, a radar station, and some dorms and a crappy armery. The other section across the bridge as the Department of Ground Defenses, as well as two types of tanks. One type being a single cannon tank and the other being a triple cannon tank. Both also have suitable hover craft to carry into battle. There are also transport choppers to carry soldiers into battle at the west side. Outside the Department there is a tram that leads to the missile control mountain with several missiles being planned to be installed there, some are already. New Genisys has missiles installed but the military is not threatening to attack any cities unless they feel like other cities are going to jeopardize the safety of New Genisys.

Single cannon tanks in Ambarino Military base.
Triple Cannon Tanks in Ambarino Military Base
DPT. shown in New Genisys
Single Cannon Tank Hovercraft in their space.
Triple Cannon Tank Hovercraft in their space right by the triple cannon tanks.

Train Station

New Genisys has built a brand new train station. Info at New Genisys Station.