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|FLR||i____7d||2||← - Collingwood - '''New Genisys''' - Devon - →||  
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New Genisys Station is a train station in New Genisys. New Genisys is located on the very bottom of the New World, it can be accessed by airplane, or teleports from LightingMc. It has 10 tracks available. If you would like to build a rail line to New Genisys, please request below.

A picture of the station


  • Each track you are given costs 10 dollars. Ex: If you were to get 3 track assignments you would have to pay 30 dollars. Refusal to pay may result in your track being revoked, and possibly a report for griefing.
  • Your request may be denied for any reason. If it is denied, please do not complain.
  • Two lines can go to same city IF the two tracks are served by two different companies.
  • Pay LightingMC (current ign yrulikedis) first BEFORE placing in your trains.
  • Tracks are 3 blocks wide. Please use a 3 block wide train.
  • If you place in trains WITHOUT PAYING, your access to New Genisys via rail line will be revoked.
  • You may be reported for griefing if you place a train in New Genisys without permission.
  • If you are approved, you have 2 weeks to place your train into New Genisys. You can take as much time as needed to build your rail line to your proposed destinations.
  • Message via discord or ask Lighting in-game if you have any further questions.
  • Add rows as needed in the request table. The oldest requests go on top and the newest on the bottom so all requests must be placed below previous requests.
  • PAY FIRST before placing in trains. This is to avoid potential fee evading.

Track Assignments

Track Number Player Name Company Destination(s)

Track Requests

Company Player Name # of Tracks requested Destination(s) Accepted?
FLR i____7d 2 ← - Collingwood - New Genisys - Devon - →