New Gensokyo

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New Gensokyo is a town growing at an exceptionally rapid pace. Founded on March 13th, 2019 by Jonathan63X, New Gensokyo has an average of 2.5 buildings built per day, consisting of exceptionally wealthy condos, and luxury shopping centers.

New Gensokyo
Town officials
Mayor Jonathan63X
Deputy Mayor Cact0
Facts and figures
Founded March 13th, 2018
Town rank Unranked

History and City Development

After Jonathan63X (officially) joined on March 9th, 2019, he explored around the map for decent land far away from other cities. After further exploration, Jonathan63X found a peninsula around a lake which only has one near by city, Svobodny. Constructed started as soon as he obtained membership, with the first building being the central parking garage. New Gensokyo is named after "Gensokyo" from the Touhou project, a bullet hell shooter series. Many locations have names based off the characters or locations from the Touhou project, (such as Jo'on tower).

Downtown New Gensokyo

Downtown New Gensokyo is the first place to be built, which consists of 14 buildings. This includes Jo'on tower, a private gated estate in Downtown New Gensokyo, Sakura Library (no refrence), the city's library, and City Hall. Other builds consist of local shopping centers and apartments. A hotel is located at the entrance of the city near the city avenue, which connects the Downtown, West, and Financial districts of New Gensokyo.

West District

The West District is a small suburb consisting of 10 buildings, mainly luxury estates, private gated communities, and small parks. The White Palace Townhouses is the most expensive residential property in the entire city. The Hakurei Shrine viewing tower is located right next to the White Palace Townhouses. As of March 25th, 2019, the West District is still expanding.

Financial District

The Financial District is located east of Downtown New Gensokyo. While nothing has been built there yet, most of the buildings will be business/commercial related. A small wealthy suburb will also be located in the middle of the city

Hakurei Shrine

The Hakurei Shrine is New Gensokyos monument and 20th building in the city, located south of the West District. Directly based off the Hakurei shrine from the Touhou project, the Hakurei Shrine gives off a vibrant feel and can be viewed from most buildings in the Downtown or West districts. The Hakurei Shrine viewing tower gives you the best view of the shrine from above. New Gensokyo is possibly one of the few unranked cities with a monument.