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===Building Boom===
===Building Boom===
=== The Fireworks Show ===
On May 14, at around 18:15 GMT, Airplaneguy9 decided to host a fireworks show. Recorded by mi_aquamarine, the show was a success, and those involved included Weier, MPolo455, Seshpenguin, Yellowitcher and fork_07.
There are plans for another show to be held when the city reaches Councillor.
===The Mayoral Elections===
===The Mayoral Elections===

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New Singapore
Town officials
Mayor To be elected
Deputy Mayor To be elected
Founder Disputed, either i____7d, Airplaneguy9 or Yellowitcher
Sheriff EliteNeon (?)
Treasurer To be elected
Town Councillors

Housing and Development Board: Weier, TheSubway
Department of Roads: Yellowitcher
Department of Aviation: Airplaneguy9
Department of Random Helping: Purrcat2010

Department of Media: mi_aquamarine
Metro/Subway LimeTransit
Tram/Streetcar/Light-rail National Transport New Singapore
Bus Bluebus
Water New Singapore Harbour (under construction)
Other transit FLR New Singapore, FiorkishRail New Singapore
Facts and figures
Population 30+
Town hall coordinates -22685 14107
Founded 13 May 2020; 23 days ago (2020-05-13)
Town rank [Unranked]
State Nansei-Gunto Region
Official language(s) English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil
World New
Ward(s) 6

New Singapore is a town located in Southwest Zeta, and is a community build founded on the 13th of May 2020. It is the fastest growing community build in the entire server. Though there is some debate as to who actually founded New Singapore, Yellowitcher placed the very first block. It is the capital of the Region of Nansei-Gunto.


New Singapore is named after the real life country of Singapore, one of the most famous nations on the MRT simply because of how its playerbase has influenced so much on the MRT.

The city was named so after confusion between mi_aquamarine and Airplaneguy9, when mi_aquamarine said NSG (NanSei-Gunto), which Airplaneguy9 took to be New Singapore (inside joke referring to how the Region of Lumeva was going to take over Singapore and name it Lumeva). After he started using the New Singapore name for the city, everyone present thought the name of the city was New Singapore. As a result, the name 'New Singapore' stuck as the name for the city.

Other colloquial names include Community Town, Mojangland (for its Mojangitis) and New Hong Kong (skyscrapers everywhere).


'It all started with a debate'

- Airplaneguy9, 13 May 2020

Before New Singapore

For context, this is what Nansei-Gunto was before May 12. Back then, the Epsilonian Republic province of Nansei-Gunto, founded on 24 April 2020, was only four towns and four members strong. Wenyanga was Airplaneguy9's town on the coast of the mainland that had reached Councillor and then stopped growing, Shahai was a small town by Weier on a south island that was slowly but steadily growing, Kazeshima, the largest of the four and i____7d's town, was growing at an alarming rate and itched for expansion, and Shenghua was owned by mi_aquamarine and at the time was memed greatly for its lack of infrastructure. It was also the capital of Nansei-Gunto, as it had been capital to Nansei-Gunto's predecessor, the Autonomous Republic of Shenghua. As such, mi_aquamarine was the Governor of the region.

The Airfield Conflict - Grief Island

On May 12, 2020, planning for the future, i____7d decided to pick an island around 900 blocks southeast of Wenyanga for his Senator airfield. i____7d had a habit of doing two things with Kazeshima: 1. building external transport far from Kazeshima's mainland (as seen with Kazeshima Ferry Terminal) and 2. taking over islands and declaring them part of Kazeshima. And now, there was a problem: the island he wanted was closer to Wenyanga than to Kazeshima, which meant that he had to sought permission from Airplaneguy9 to take the island.

Macece, or Grief Island, on 13 May 2020, just 30 minutes prior to the founding of New Singapore

This wasn't the first time there had been conflict with Kazeshima's island claiming - it had tried to take the land north (eventually shared with Shenghua), south (half the island south was split between Kazeshima and Shahai) and west (Airplaneguy9 told 7d to not take the island in case someone else wanted to start a town there).

i____7d announced his plans to Airplaneguy9, and he said that he had claimed the island. Airplaneguy9 refused, and decided to teach him a lesson by claiming the island himself (i____7d had claimed the island via Discord). He planted the Nansei-Gunto flag, built barbed wire around the island, and put a huge red cross on the island, declaring it a Wenyangan military nuclear testing site and naming it Macece Island. i____7d was not pleased, and went to the island himself to take it back. Airplaneguy9 asked PeacemakerX5 to help him drive i____7d away, but all Peace did was declare the island as Peacopolis property and an UwU zone. mi_aquamarine declared it Shenghuan, Seshpenguin part of Pixl, Fiork part of Marisol - at that point over half the players online were participating in griefing the entire island. Half an hour later, Macece - or Grief - Island was a complete mess of wacky art designs and other things.

All involved agreed to rollback the island after two days.

The Founding of New Singapore

New Singapore on 13 May 2020, barely five hours after its founding

But then, Airplaneguy9, seeing how the most of server had joined the Grief Island mess, suggested a community town they could build together. This went over everyone else as a 'that could work'. Determined to test if it could work, Airplaneguy9 sent Yellowitcher to scout an area to start building. Yellow found one within 5 minutes of scouting. While everyone was still griefing Grief Island, Airplaneguy9 and Seshpenguin teleported to Yellow.

At precisely 14:41 GMT on May 13, 2020, Yellowitcher placed down a black concrete block, thus founding New Singapore.

Seshpenguin's 'Pixl Infrastructure Pledge' banner spawned many others from different towns such as Southoak, Sansvikk, Hagenau and Savage City

The first thing built in New Singapore is what is now known as Franchise Road, named for its numerous stalls on the side of the road. Also along this road, ktkren777, mi_aquamarine and Airplaneguy9 built a promenade, while _jamess started work on a port just south of the promenade. Seshpenguin placed a banner stating that the Government of Pixl was funding the infrastructure of New Singapore. This spawned a bunch of copies by many other towns:

  • flr yey (Kazeshima)
  • GreatCentral - Providing Infrastructure. Connecting towns, people, livelihoods.(Whiteley)
  • Wenyanga Infrastructure has agreed to fund the value of 100 billion rands (US$5,3 billion) for the purpose of building infrastructure to the organization New Singapore on/before 13 May 2020 (Wenyanga)
  • Southoak Holdings contributes $7bil to New Singapore for the purpose of economic prosperity (Southoak)
  • Peace Enterprises has donated a sum of $1 trillion and is now $1 trillion in debt. Peace Enterprises pledges not to rule over New SG (Peacopolis)
  • Shenghua Infrastructure and ∞infinity donate towards the LimeTransit East-West Line (Shenghua)
  • Municipality of Haguenau (Haguenau)
  • Savage City Infrastructure, Principality of Savage City, Development Bank of Savage City (Savage City)
  • Imagine being a Lumevan lmao. Sanvikk funds this out of Sans' pockets I guess (Sansvikk)
  • Real Vulp. Fake Vulp. (Totem Beach)
  • Kingdom of New Hyrule. Part of the Forward Epsilon Party. (New Hyrule)
  • Finally, a flag which isn't Lumevan or NG. Socialist Kingdom of Cattington. No, we aren't communist or regular socialist. We're purely nordic socialist. Yes, I know what Nordic socialism is. Anyways, may New Singapore prosper. (Cattington)
  • so here's like an ATM for you to take money towards New Singapore. apparently Creeperville will pay for stuff I guess. Banjar Mendalar, pintu masuk ke Timur laut. (Creeperville)

As time progressed, people started building more things. Some people were planning out roads, some metros, some stations, and some skyscrapers. The first skyscraper to be built was the Pixl Global Affairs Tower, built by Seshpenguin. At 81 meters tall, it doesn't reach some taller skyscrapers, but it can stand out as one of the tallest in the area. This started a huge skyscraper rush, as people started using more and more space leaving no space for smaller builds, meaning the only option was up. A competition soon began to see who could build the tallest skyscraper. The first skyscraper to break 100m was Seshpenguin's Clios Condos, which was 107m tall, then the next tallest was Airplaneguy9's Dept. of Aviation headquarters, coming in at a narrow 113m. But that did not compare to the next tallest building. Built by Weier and TheSubway, the current tallest building in New Singapore is the 27-floor Housing and Development Tower, at a whopping 186m, almost an entire skyscraper higher than the previous tower. This made it the second tallest building in Nansei-Gunto (i____7d's Epsilia HQ in Kazeshima comes in at 190m).

Building Boom

The Fireworks Show

On May 14, at around 18:15 GMT, Airplaneguy9 decided to host a fireworks show. Recorded by mi_aquamarine, the show was a success, and those involved included Weier, MPolo455, Seshpenguin, Yellowitcher and fork_07.

There are plans for another show to be held when the city reaches Councillor.

The Mayoral Elections


A LR-20X tram at Downtown tram stop, New Singapore.
A New Singaporean tram at Downtown stop.

Initial proportions for transit within the city was roughly planned, with a line running north-south of the island-state and an east-west line running from the port to the east of the city, complemented with a circle line looping the southern island. While the construction and operation of the metro was directly tendered towards LimeTransit, propositions from foreign companies, National Transportation and Bluebus, had proposed to plan, construct and operate tram and bus routes separately.

With several disputes that followed upon, with proposals that National Transportation shall operate 25% of the bus routes within the city, it was agreed that LimeTransit shall be solely operating metros, National Transport to operate the trams, and Bluebus to operate bus routes within the city.

Geography of Topology

New Singapore in the early hours of May 14, 2020


New Singapore sits on a tiny island, which is not very big, and can barely support the town. As space runs out, the city has turned to land reclaiming. It is estimated that over 30% of the land is reclaimed or worldedited. Emergency Protocol Seven allocates emergency funds to the building of a bridge to the icy mainland, to facilitate growth for the city, although this is a last resort.



Climate data for New Singapore
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 32
Source #1: New Singapore Dept. of Random Helping
Source #2: TeleNansei