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| B5
| B5
| {{color|lime|'''SkyTrans'''}}
| {{color|blue|'''LARLAT Airways'''}}
| [[Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield]]
| [[Larkspur Frankford Airfield]]
| {{color|lime|'''Good Service'''}}
| {{color|lime|'''Good Service'''}}

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Alert.png Gates have been assigned.
All airlines have until Monday morning EST to set up their flights, gates, and check-in kiosks. Any airline which has not met this deadline will have their gate revoked.
Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Kitania Airport Authority
Serves Nippia
Location North New World
Hub for IntraAir
Direction Length Surface
ft m
69 Black Concrete

Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport is an airport shared by the cities of Nippia and Liten within the shared Key Seaport district. It is an airfield which supports small commuter planes, and is a hub for IntraAir.

The airport is divided into two terminals. Terminal A exclusively houses IntraAir flights, while Terminal B houses flights from all other airlines.


Terminal Gate Airline Destination Status
Terminal A A1 IntraAir Norwest Airfield Good Service
A2 IntraAir Bakersville Fairfield Airfield
Wythern Airfield
Good Service
A3 IntraAir Waterville Municipal Airfield Good Service
A4 IntraAir Ravenna Mountainside International Airport Good Service
A5 IntraAir Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield No Service
A6 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport Good Service
A7 IntraAir Dabecco Regional Airport Good Service
Terminal B B1 Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport Good Service
B2 Eastern Airways Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport Good Service
B3 SkyTrans UCWT International Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Good Service
B4 BluAir Espil Ecilidae Airport
Segville International
Good Service
B5 LARLAT Airways Larkspur Frankford Airfield Good Service
B6 BART Airlines MRT Regional Airport Good Service
B7 FlyArctic Ilirea Midcity Airport No Service