Northwest Regional Transport

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Northwest Regional Transport
Director PtldKnight
Additional Information
Parent Company 50% Pine Tree Transportation Inc
50% Gov. of Waterville

Northwest Regional Transport is a Bus Company that serves the Northwest Region of the MRT as well as City Service within Waterville.

Intercity Routes are numbered as follows*:

Routes Designation
0-99 Intercity Busses between Major Cities/Hubs
100-199 Intercity Busses between Major Cities/Hubs and smaller points
200-299 Intercity Busses between Smaller Points
300-399 Shuttle Busses
400-499 Contracted routes.

* (Intracity routes are numbered with the City Initial before the number)

Intercity Service

89 Waterville Intercity Bus Terminal
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
277 Waterville - Pontiac Bus Station
B91 Park & Ride
Providence Park
401 Cascadia Shuttle Bus (CASB 1)
Waterville Municipal Airfield
Pasadena Airfield

Waterville Service

W1 Waterville Old Town
Waterville Downtown Pulse
W2 B91 Park & Ride
Waterville Downtown Pulse
W3 Union Station
Waterville Downtown Pulse
W4 Airport Sign.png WMA
Waterville Downtown Pulse
W5 Airport Sign.png WMA
Orio Hall/A25