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# of games in Winter 8
# of games in Summer 8
Chairman / Founder airplane320
Gold Medal Prize $300
Silver Medal Prize $200
Bronze Medal Prize $100
Participation Prize $50
Host aid Money $1000, $500 for spring/fall games
Other Committee member mine_man
# of games in Spring & Fall Olympics 4
This article is about the event organized by airplane320. For the committee on the Old World, see MRT Olympic Committee.

The Olympics is a company that hosts Olympic-style events, differentiating from the MRT Olympic Committee because the MRT Olympic Committee has not hosted a game since 2013. Also, the new Olympics will be split into two divisions. The Winter Olympics, and the Summer Olympics. There will be 1 of each, each year. Instead of the old MRT Olympics, in the new games, players will represent their own MRT towns instead of real life countries. If you decide to compete, and you put your name on the list, and you will receive $50 dollars at the opening ceremony for participating. If you receive any Medals, you will also receive extra money.

Summer Olympics

The next Summer Olympics will be played in early June 2020. The next city to host the Olympics will be chosen on April 19th, 2020. Summer Olympic games include Archery, Track Racing, Swimming, Rowing, Golf, sumo, Outdoor Parkour, and Outdoor PvP.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are typically held in either December, January, or February. (2020 was an exception) Sports played in these games include Ice golf, skiing, sled racing,

indoor pvp, and spleef.

Fall Olympics

Fall Olympics are typically held in late October to early November. Sports included in these games are PvP, archery, cross country, and karting.

Spring Olympics

There will be no Spring Olympics due to concerns about COVID-19 in 2020. Sports including in these games are Sumo, rowing, track racing, and PvP.

List of Previous Olympics
Date City Mayor Rank
2018 Summer Olympics Elecna Bay Mineman Premier
2018 Fall Olympics Richville woorich999 Governor
2018 Winter Olympics Waterville Skelezomperman1 Senator
2019 Spring Olympics Carnoustie CaptainObi Governor
2020 Winter Olympics Peripotamia Cookie46910 Mayor
2020 Summer Olympics Titsensaki and Hendon frogggggg and London150 Governor and Mayor
1. ^ At the time of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Skelezomperman was Mayor of Waterville. The current Mayor is PtldKnight.

How to Host

Summer Olympics Hosting

Current 2020 MRT Olympic City Bidders
City Rank Mayor Comments
Anthro Island Town RacCort
Bahia (Sunshine Coast, Pretoria, and Torres River) Premier Echohue
Hendon Mayor London150
Marisol Town pitthree
Cactus River Town SkyjumperTalon
Titsensaki Governor frogggggg
Albany Town hvt2011

When you get chosen, you need to build the following to Host the Winter Summer Olympics:

  • Outdoor Stadium for Opening Ceremony
  • Archery Place
  • Running Track
  • Indoor/Outdoor swimming Pool acquitted for racing.
  • Outdoor River/body of water with a Rowing Coarse.
  • Golf Course (only 9 holes will be used)
  • Parkour Course
  • Outdoor PvP place
  • sumo arena

Winter Olympics Hosting

Hosting Sign- Ups are not available yet. Expect sign-ups to be available in late September or early October of 2019.

When you get chosen, you need to build the following to Host the Winter Summer Olympics:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Arena for Opening Ceremony
  • Ski Hill
  • Ice Rink(s)
  • Spleef Arena
  • Indoor PvP Arena
  • 8 hole ice golf
  • Sled racing

Fall Olympics

Sign Ups are not available yet. Expect sign-ups to be out in Mid August.

You will need to build after you are chosen:

  • PVP arena
  • archery place
  • cross country path (Not marathon through the roads)
  • Karting path (path through roads of the city)

Spring Olympics

You will need to build after you are chosen:

  • sumo
  • rowing
  • track racing track
  • PVP arena
  • A stadium for opening and closing ceremonies

How to Compete

A google form must be filled out prior to competing in the games which will be distributed among the public.

How the Committee Picks Host Cities

The Committee looks for these characteristics in a town:

  • The town is at least [Mayor] rank
  • Town's mayor is active on the server
  • The town is capable (and big enough) of having an Olympic Village with arenas, stadiums, etc.
  • Town is close to a river or body of water
  • Town is connected to the outside world and has easy transportation to, through, and out the town.
  • The four finalists must submit a build plan on dynmap to airplane320, and the final two finalists must create an Olympic bid wiki page.

Voting Process

Voting Process There are 3 rounds of voting, each taking a week.

  • [Week 1] Airplane320 Picks out 4 cities to go onto the next round
  • [Week 2] The public has one week to vote for 2 out of 4 towns/cities that we think should host the games.
  • [Week 3] The public has one week to vote for the final winner, airplane320 announces the Host City, if there is a tie, the chairman, airplane320, will get to choose the winner.

Fall and Spring Voting Process

  • [Day 1] airplane320 selects one city to host the fall/spring games.