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| world = New
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| postcode = {{VPS|PP4}}
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Palestropol a.S.
Town officials
Mayor ondist
Deputy Mayor gsuatv
MRT  V16  Foobar
Roadway(s)  B44  connecting to  A4  and Southport(Mer)
Airport(s) San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport
Other transit PNTA, RaiLinQ
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates 3227, 70, 4021
Founded December 18th, 2018
Recognized as town January 26th, 2019
Town rank [Senator]
State Polytan
Official language(s) English, German & French
World New
Post codes  PP4 

PolytanFlag.png This town is part of The Republic of Polytan

Palestropol am See (commonly known as Palestropol) is a town located at  V16  Foobar. It is the capital of the Federal Republic of Polytan. It is situated in a forest biome, with several hilly areas. The suffix "am See" is german for "at the lake", whereby Lake Palestropol is meant.

Transit Systems

The Polytan National Transportation Authority is in charge of all public transportation operations; This includes the Metro.

There is one RaiLinQ station, at Palestropol–Powell Gardens, constructed by autobus22.

Palestropol at night, as seen from Lake Center, with the B44 heading to Southport in the top-right.


Palestropol was originally created as Vontague in 2016. Vontague, ditched by ondist for other towns, was unfinished and ugly. ondist decided that it would be the right decision to flatten Vontague and replace it with a new town, as with the increased density of towns in the New World owning MRT Stations relatively close to Central City grows a certain value. Not wanting to give up  V16  Foobar, Palestropol am See (am See meaning "at the lake") was established and flourished quicker and better than Vontague or any other town ondist had built. Today, Palestropol is ranked [Senator] and aspiring to go higher.

Residences and Offices


  • ondist: Cobble house on Rock Road, Western Palestropol.
  • gsuatv: Dark oak house on Rock Road, Western Palestropol.
  • KnedlikTrain: Apartment in the "State Street Quarter Building" on State Street, Olivan Square District.


  • Weier, Starcubed and gsuatv have an office in the Dexter House on Johnson Avenue, Central Palestropol.