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{{Airline Infobox2
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Pan Aqua
Company Logo
CODE Callsign
AQA Aqua Eagle
Founded 08/06/2019
Commenced operations 08/06/2019
Operating bases Carnoustie
Hubs Carnoustie
Focus cities Sunshine Coast
Active flights 2
Destinations 4
Company slogan "Bringing you from blue water to blue sky and back again!"
Parent company IOI, MRTHS Air
Key people Johngi CaptainObi

Welcome to Pan Aqua! This seaplane-focused airline was made by Johngi as an attempt to make an effective seaplane-landplane airline work. The airline is owned by IOI and uses exclusively IOI Vehicles.

Flight List

Origin/Destination Origin/Destination Equipment Used Status
Carnoustie International Airport (CIA) <---> Sunshine Coast International Aiport (SSI) ITP1000 Active
Airchester Airfield (ACA) <---> Creeperville International Airport (HND) ITP1000-SEA Temporarily Inactive