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-The mystery flavor was not, is not, and never will be "Mystery Meat", despite some rumors.
-The mystery flavor was not, is not, and never will be "Mystery Meat", despite some rumors.
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Philip's Ice Cream
Senior staff
CEO Foxwolf11
Facts and figures
Headquarters not yet
Founded Late May, 2019

Philip's Ice Cream is a franchise started in late May by Foxwolf11. It is an ice cream store with vibrant flavors and delicious toppings. All flavors are handmade in our shops every day, and we use all natural, wholesome ingredients. We are a developing franchise with 10 locations to date, and if you would like one, please /mail or /msg Foxwolf11 in game. If you want a custom location, then, please put a request on the talk page.

Types of Stores

Standard ($30)

This store is the standard storefront for Philip's Ice Cream. It requires an Admod to paste in, and has a 21x24 footprint.

Custom Mall ($25-$35 or more depending on size)

This is a indoor store, in a preexisting building. Please reserve ahead of time as Foxwolf11 may not feel like building your store at the moment.

Custom Storefront ($40 or more depending on size)

This is an outdoor store, with a custom size and frame. It will require an additional fee, as well as reservation ahead of time.

Flagship ($85 or more)

This is a large store, often covering a large area. You cannot request these, Foxwolf11 will contact you if he is interested.


We have a delicious menu with many options. Philipsmenu.png


Location Number City/Area Type Ward X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate Z-Coordinate Date Established MRT Station
1 Endor Custom Mall 3 17250 96 4194 ??  JS12  Endor
2 Washingcube Standard 9 -3684 66 -3780 ??  A15  Washingcube
3 New Gensokyo Standard 9 -13365 66 -3780 May 31, 2019 --
4 Valence Standard 6 -5984 95 9960 May 31, 2019 --
5 Schillerton Standard 6 -1342 64 9700 May 31, 2019 --
6 Willow Standard 9 -9966 66 -8638 May 31, 2019  T48  Foobar
7 Seoland Standard 1 662 69 -11121 May 31, 2019 --
8 Gryffin Standard 4 7715 72 16078 May 31, 2019  V45  Foobar
9 Pasadena Standard 9 -5132 78 -4559 June 1, 2019  A20  Pasadena
10 Presidio Standard 5 -1708 64 14619 June 1, 2019 --


-In each standard location, a tree is planted that is consistent with the environment.
-The highest location is in Endor, and it is also the only custom location.
-On May 31, Foxwolf11 made a discount on the price of a standard location, reducing it to 21 MRT Dollars. He sloganed it as the 9+10 deal, and asked people to pay 9+10. But when an Admin made him stop because the price was misleading, he decided to simply say $21.
-The mystery flavor was not, is not, and never will be "Mystery Meat", despite some rumors.