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| Foresne Liveray || [[Foresne]] || {{s|SW6|m=c}}
| Foresne Liveray || [[Foresne]] || {{s|SW6|m=c}}
| Foresne Chinatown || Foresne || {{s|SW5|m=c}}
| Foresne Chinatown || Foresne || {{s|SW6|m=c}}
| Foresne Shenmore || Foresne || {{s|SW5|m=c}}
| Foresne Shenmeadow || Foresne || {{s|SW5|m=c}}
| Titsensaki || [[Titsensaki]] || {{s|NE18|m=c}}
| Titsensaki || [[Titsensaki]] || {{s|NE18|m=c}}

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Pick 'n' Pay
Company Staff
Founder/Owner Airplaneguy9
Key Locations
First Location Stone Bay
Largest Location Thunderbird Eaton Centre
Latest Location Hendon Square
Last Under Construction idk
First opened 31/12/19
Latest opened 13/1/20
Based on Pick 'n' Pay Stores

Pick 'n' Pay is a supermarket chain created and owned by Airplaneguy9.


Name City Station
Stone Bay Stone Bay  SW12 
Eaton Centre Thunderbird  F16 
Hendon Mall Hendon  NE5 
Foresne Liveray Foresne  SW6 
Foresne Chinatown Foresne  SW6 
Foresne Shenmeadow Foresne  SW5 
Titsensaki Titsensaki  NE18 
Hendon Centre Hendon  NE5 

Do you want a store?

Just contact Airplaneguy9 either by mail or Discord. For plots with a building, the store is free. For empty plots, the cost is $2.

Additionally, you may also have an advertisement of choice put up in any PnP store. The first original advertisement is free, all afterward are $1 each.