Piron Incorporated

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Piron Incorporated
Corporation Info
CEO/Founder powerminer01
Founded 31th of May 2017
Headquarters Campus Piron, Serena Republica, Serena
Subsidiaries 6: Milton Hotel Group, Piron Real Estate, Piron Financial, Piron Architectural, Piron Medical & Acacia Transit Systems
Slogan Monopoly done right

Welcome to Piron Incorporated. Piron Incorporated is owned founded and lead by Serena Mayor Template:U/powerminer01. Piron serves as a holding company for a variety of enterprises, specialising in architexturel design, mass transit and various social and financial services. The aim of Piron and its subsequent branches is to aid an complement developing regions by providing sustainable, viable and reliable services in the forementioned categories above. Below you may find a list of all our subsidiaries, services and partnerships:

Our ventures


  • Milton Hotel Group - Provides a variety of hotels for a wide audience
  • Piron Real Estate - A company with focus on developing and maintaining a large variety of resitential buildings
  • Piron Financial - A financial institute aimed towards both private and corporate financing
  • Piron Architectural - A company with sharp focus on the planning and construction of individual buildings and/or entire cities
  • Piron Medical - A company providing knowledge and infrastructure in the field of healtcare
  • Acacia Transit Systems - A company providing reliable mass-transit solutions. Acacia flagships with a robust metro system, developed for the geographical context of Serena city.

We also specifically assist the city of Serena and it's surrounding areas by providing the following services: