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| header17 = Facts and figures
| header17 = Facts and figures
| label18 = Locations
| label18 = Locations
| data18 = 4
| data18 = 7
| label19 = Founded
| label19 = Founded
| data19 = October 6, 2014
| data19 = October 6, 2014

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The Potion Store
PotionStore Logo.png
Founder Starcubed
Facts and figures
Locations 7
Founded October 6, 2014

Potion Store is a Franchise that focuses on Potions and Different types of Medication in the MRT. Created by Starcubed in 6th of October 2014, There are Currently 4 Branches in the MRT. It started out as Bottle Inc. but revival of the Franchise has Started in March 2016 and more Branches are opening over time. Potion Store has special Store Types layed out in different Denominations. Currently in the New World, there are 2 recorded stores of Bottle Inc but only 1 of them Remain, the name "Bottle Inc." has been discontinued and is now rebranded as the name "Potion Store"

Denominations of the Branches

Generation Normal Store Express Store Large Store
1st (Bottle Inc.) Normal Swift Regen
2nd (Potion Store) None Swift Pharmacy
Price N/A $5 $10

Shop Overview

In the Potion Store, we mostly sell Different types of Potions that will benefit your body in a certain way. In a swift store, there are limited types of Potions and will probably not include the entire set of Potions, we will just give out Potions that are more than less Beneficial in a Productive Way, Customer service is very fast here as there are 2 cashiers instead of 1, helping you to get a Potion on the go wherever you are. In a Pharmacy Store, there are more than less a wide Variety of Potions arranged in a way that looks more of a Supermarket, it is a lot bigger than a express store and carries more capacity, there is also a Medicine and a Pharmacy Counter in the Pharmacy Store, which will be the Cashier for all your medication items and will give you Recommendations for different types of Medication, However these two counters are limited to buying Potions and buying Medicine, which may lead to a queue when lining up for the Cashier. The Pharmacy Store usually gives a Bright atmosphere for you to take your time and is shaped like a large Grocery Store, while the Swift store is just shaped like a Generic Swiftness Potion.

The Pharmacy Store can be Identified with its pink theme and also it being larger than the swift store, like in the picture above. Swift Stores are Identified with its Light Blue theme to the Swiftness Potion, and Vice Versa. Pharmacy Stores will have the Pharmacy Logo outside the store, making the player sure if they do not know what store the store they are going to is.


NOTE: This list only shows RECORDED Branches of the Potion Store/Bottle Inc. There may be more stores built by me that have not been recorded.

Generation Type Location and Branch Closed?
1st (Bottle Inc.) Swift  P11  Foobar (Formerly Baylon City), Branch A1 Yes
1st (Bottle Inc.) Normal  T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander, Branch A2 No
1st (Bottle Inc.) Night (Discontinued)  A11  Whitechapel—Waterfront Station, Branch A3 No
2nd (Potion Store) Swift  C34  Izumo - Financial (Izumo), Branch B1 No
2nd (Potion Store) Pharmacy  C39  Foobar (Hathnes), Branch B2 No
2nd (Potion Store) Pharmacy Hinkley (No Station), Branch B3 No
2nd (Potion Store) Pharmacy  M18  Kolpino, Branch B4 No