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Potoe & Chicke
CEO Cookie46910
Motto "We didn't miss spell it, you did"
Facts and Figures
Headquarters Peripotamia
Founded 2017 (maybe even 2016)
Parent Company Your mum lol, get it because your mom would be your parent (YML)
Number of stores 28

Potoe and Chicke was founded in 2017??? .It definitely sells things and is totally not a storefront for a larger business. Check out the locations below. Umm... If you are wondering where the money earned goes, that for "me to know and the IRS to find out". Potoe and Chicke was founded by Cookie46910. If you would like a Potoe and Chicke in your town for $4.20 or $69; just contact Cookie on discord or /mail.

Requests: To request a Potoe and Chicke please fill out this form. https://forms.gle/te5mGenifULpwJkr8

Menu Items (for Potoe and Chicke)



Number of Location Owner Where the Potoe and Chicke Is
1 MinecraftYoshi26 Sky Mall in Hummingbird Islands.
2 Jphgolf4321 Laclede Outlet Mall
3 Hvt2011 Tranquil Forest
4 Woorich999 Richville
5 Time2makemymove Segav Sal
6 Megascatterbomb Rank Resort
7 sesese9 Moleville
8 sesese9 Scarborough
9 Mjpwwf In the school Esterhaus University
10 TalonPlays Eagleshore
11 Silverbubble Coruscant
12 CodyHM Seoland
13 SoaPuffball Nymphalia
14 MojangChan Deadbush
15 Red_Ray New Amsterdam
16 Hvt2011 Albany
17 Conric005 Birchwood
18 MojangChan Dekuville
19 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
20 SoaPuffball Gemstride
21 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
22 sesese9 San Vantino
23 Megascatterbomb In the IntraRail station in Rank Resort
24 Time2makemymove In the IntraRail station in Segav Sal
25 Cact0 Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein
26 AyyLion Delta City
27 Conric005 Dand
28 Godzilltrain Segville International in Segville

Images of the locations

Location #1 in Hummingbird Islands
??? 2017 - This was the acutal very first Potoe and Chicke (as clarified by Yoshi), this location was built in Sky Mall so Cookie46910 could be eligible for citizen.
Location #2 in Laclede
??? 2017-This was the acutal first location built for a customer. To this date, this is the only Potoe and Chicke to have a door for employee access outside. It is also one of the few locations not to have employees.
Location #3 in Tranquil Forest
??? 2017 -This was the very first Potoe and Chicke built for a customer. There was orginally a Potoe and Chicke in Peripotamia, however it has been torn down for at least 10 months.
Location #4 in Richville
Dec 2017 - This location was the first location to establish the iconic style of Potoe and Chicke. According to Woorich he describes this location as "a little shack that I had to build an office building around".
Location #5 in Segav Sal
Jan 6 2018 - This Potoe and Chicke was built inside the convention center as part of promotion for the Hotel-Resort Building Competition.This was the first Potoe and Chicke location to be part of a mall.
Location #6 in Rank Resort
Feb 23 2018 - This was the first loaction that was to large to be a sole Potoe and Chicke, for this reason it was merged with Astronaut Coffee, to create the first joint venture bewteen the two franchises.
Location #7 in Moleville
May 30 2018 - This is the most dangerous location of Potoe and Chicke and all customers beware of the dangers inside. Since Moleville has no police department one can see a burglar outside the store.
Location #8 in Scarborough
June 1 2018 - This is the currently the largest Potoe and Chicke, for this reason it has been turned in to a Astronaut Coffee & Potoe and Chicke. This the only location with this many tables.
Location #9 in Esterhaus University
June 2 2018 - Contrary to the location in Scarborough this is Potoe and Chicke's smallest location and the oddest designed. Outside/inside you can see loyal patrons with their lovely Potoe and Chicke.
Location #10 in Eagleshore
June 3 2018 - This located was moved as of February 24 2019 due to CodyHM and TalonPlays moving the mountain the loaction was orginally at. This new location features a record amount of employees and display wall of all the Potoes and Chickes.
Location #11 in Coruscant
July 5? 2018 - This Potoe and Chicke is only the second location to be built inside a mall, this was built as per request by Silverbubble to fill his mall up with franchises.
Location #12 in Seoland
July 9 2018 - This Potoe and Chicke was built inorder to fill up the mall in Seoland. This is one of the few Potoe and Chickes to have floating menus and stairs to enter to store.
Location #13 in Nymphalia
June 18? 2018 - This is the the first and only (as of February 2019 ) Potoe and Chicke on a Sticke. This location sells potoe on a sticke and chicke on a sticke, this locatn also sells lemonade but it is all sold out.
Location #14 in Deadbush
June 18? 2018 - This is one of the more standard locations of Potoe and Chicke, it sells the items in a U-bar shape. However this location is now hiring as there are no employees.
Location #15 in New Amsterdam
August 8 2018 - This Potoe and Chick was built for the winner of the ShadowCorp Match Play Championship. This is a unique location as it has two entrances. Inside you can see two loyal customers.
Location #16 in Albany
September 1 2018 - This Potoe and Chick was built as per request of loyal customer Hvt2011. He asked Cookie46910 to build a Potoe and Chicke in his new town of Albany, being resourcefull and not wanting to waste space, Cookie built this location inside of the Hvt's Arcade. Hvt2011 and Megascatterbomb are naked as per request of Hvt. See note 1 to find out what happened to the location.1
Location #17 in Birchwood
December 3 2018 - This Potoe and Chicke is the first Potoe and Chicke to feature very talkative cashiers. This location is also only Potoe and Chicke to have food sitting at the table which past customers refused to clean up.
Location #18 in Dekuville
December 4 2018 - This Potoe and Chicke is one of the few locations located outside. This as of February 2019, is the only location with a lava pit with seating on top. Since introdcued at Brichwood, this is the second store to have NPCs
Location #19 in Moramoa
February 24 2019 - This Potoe and Chicke was built in the Guugle HQ as per Mega's request. This is the only Potoe and Chicke (As of February 2019) that is built on a corner.
Location #20 in Gemstride
February 24 2019 - This Potoe and Chicke is a very humble and simple location. This was done inorder to repsect the existing architecture. Since this is the 20th loaction, Potoe and Chicke had to go back to its roots and be simple.
Location #21 in Moramoa
April 8 2019 - This is the second Potoe and Chicke in Moramoa, in fact the first location is only two blocks away. This location follows the classic potoe and chicke decoration of paintings everywhere and acacia everything.As of April 2019 Mega is the only person to have two Potoe and Chicke's in one town.
Location #22 in San Vantino
June 21 2019 - This Potoe and Chicke is the first franchise in Sese's new town, due to this fact YML felt it was apporptiate to change up the design at make it feel more modern.
Location #23 in Rank Resort
June 30 2019- This Potoe and Chicke is in the IntraRail in Rank Resort. This Potoe and Chicke is heavly due to the heavly strict rule of not being able to place any blocks on glass. In this location you can see the loyal customers shopping for the great Potoes and Chickes. With this location, Megascatterbomb holds the record of the most Potoes and Chickes at 4 (2 in Rank Resort and 2 in Moramoa)
Location #24 in Segav Sal
June 30 2019- This is Potoe and Chicke is also built in an IntraRail station. However Cookie had for freedom with this location and was able to change the design as needed. Cookie got very lazy half way through the process that may be why it seems unfinished.
Location #25 in San Jaun
July 1 2019- This Potoe and Chicke was built in Echo's new town Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein however, Cookie thoguht he was building it in Echo's other town San Jaun, due to this fact the Potoe and Chicke is designed to fit San Juan. Besides the fact that this Potoe and Chicke was built with a mistaken identiy, every ohter deisgn aspect is normal
Location #26 in Delta City
July 3 2019- This is a special Potoe and Chicke as it was built at the market in Delta City. This is one of the smallest locations as it is just a stand at a market.

Your mum lel, get it because your mom would be your parent (YML)

The other franchise under YML is Astronaut Coffee (a play on the local coffee chain from Seattle: Starbucks).

The menu items at Astronaut Coffee are as followed:

Covfefe (#MAGA supported drink)

DIY Bread ("It's alright I guess" -Drumf)

Location #16 in Albany
September 1 2018 - This Potoe and Chick was originally built in the Hvt's Aracde however due to Hvt not liking the location, it was moved to outside. Outside Potoe and Chicke quickly came across its mortal enemy The Poisonous Potato and Raw Rabbit Shop built by Mineman. This was the start of the war between the two shops ^