Progressive Party

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Progressive Party
'Strong, shared leadership. Fair and equal Local Government.'
Leader of the Liberal Party N/A, Collectively shared
Presidential Candidate No Presidential Candidate
Founder ModernArt
Founded 28th of March 2020
Membership 1
Headquarters Pasadena
Country Republic of Epsilon
Ideology Local Government, Progressivism, Liberalism
House of Representatives

14 / 389

Lumeva State Assembly

1 / 9

The Progressive Party is an official functioning political party of the Republic of Epsilon and is a breakaway from the Liberal Party. It is the youngest party of the Republic of Epsilon, established on the 28th of March 2020 by ModernArt. The Party has never been in government for the time that Republic of Epsilon, instead negotiating with other parties (such as the Liberal Party) to form collective Local Government. Its policies belong to the Libertarian-Left camp of politics. The signature policy of the Progressives is the recognition of the need of Local Government, to serve the towns that elected them directly instead of federally.


Feel free to add your town in if you want to join!

Member cities
Region Mayor Town/City, Seats
Northwestern Epsilon ModernArt Norwest, 6
Northwestern Gamma ModernArt New Southport, 2
Southeastern Gamma ModernArt Izumo, 4
Region of Lumeva ModernArt New Izumo, 1
Southwestern Epsilon ModernArt Yukon, 1
Southwestern Epsilon mi_aquamarine Shenghua, 1