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| 007
| 007
| [[Kevtropolis]]
| [[Kevtropolis]]
| | style="background-color: rgb(0,255,0);"| Open
| style="background-color: rgb(0,255,0);"| Open
{{quality|1}} [[Category:Franchises]]
{{quality|1}} [[Category:Franchises]]

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Quill and Ink, Inc.
Company Information
CEO/Founder SirNatureWriter
Founded August 11, 2017
Headquarters Frostbite

Quill and Ink, Incorporated is a company focused on creating and selling pens, as well as serving as a printing company. It was created by SirNatureWriter on August 11, 2017 upon discovering the pun while in a state of creative block. Headquartered in Frostbite, it provides paper in bulk as well as pens and printing services.


Shop Number Location Status
001 Frostbite Open
002 Lowami Open
003 Paralia Open
004 Venceslo Open
005 Hatch End Open
006 Seoland Open
007 Kevtropolis Open