Republic of Jeomto

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Autonomous Republic of Jeomto
República Autônoma de Jeomto
점토 자치 공화국

Flag of the Republic of Jeomto

Main Facts
Capital Newcastle, Futurely Munhwa
President Fiork777
Vice President TBD
Part of Republic of Epsilon, CFC.
Other Facts
Borders Euphorial and Totsworth
Population 102.023.471 (2019)
GDP (Nominal) MR$ 2 346 523 (JM$ 5 279 676)
GDP (PPP) MR$ 3 240 524 (JM$ 7 291 179‬)
Transit (yey)
Local Transit Office Jeomto Secretary of Transit (JSA)
Airport WMI (Futurely Newcastle Rgnl [NCR] and Jeomto International Airport [JMO ]
MRT  D38  Foobar Isole - Gare d'Austeryeetz
Roadways J100, J101, J102, A6-shield.png
Aditional Stuff
Motto Morrer se Preciso for, Matar Nunca! (Die if it needs to, Kill Never!)
Ethnic Groups 42% White
32% Black
15% Asian
7% Foxo
4% Neko
Drives on the Right
Denonym Jeomish

The Autonomous Republic of Jeomto, Republic of Jeomto or simply Jeomto, is an autonomous state on the Republic of Epsilon, Famous for its High Canyons and Mixing of Culture with the Mojanger and Ophelian Cultures, It's also famous for its Capital, Newcastle (Renamed from Valence). It Has 5 Provinces (Or Cities), and 1 Special City. We also have an Exclave called Haneul


Jeomto is a Korean word that means Clay, it has its name because Jeomto has a freaking big amount of Clay

History (Fictional)

The Katal Era

In 105 aC, The Old Janhwe Empire Collapsed into 2 Countries, Jang At the North and the Katal Empire at The South, the Katal Empire, Governed by Mongyan I, Grown Stupidly Fast, it was all going good with the empire until the Empire get its 1st revolution in 1201 aC. The New King, Shongal I, Made several reforms on the Empire, Including Artificial farmlands and a huge Army. Everything was going well, the republic was growing nicely, the People was happy and nothing could go wrong... HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER

The European Invasion

It's the start of a new century baby, and the European Colonialism was pretty going well, but the countries were still very hungry. They looked at our glorious server, Britain, France and Spain looked at our territory and ate them all, Britain took the south, France took the East and Spain took the west. Even Korea wanted to play so as they had good relationships with the Katal Empire, they decided it was time for them to be a colony, and they Accepted Peacefully. While the Koreans just cared about farming and stuff, the europeans were getting very rich with the clay and minerals.

The Industrialization Era

Big jump to the 1800s, Europeans just found out that they can make Glazed Terracotta with Clay, and they can make Pots with Glazed Terracotta. They didn't think 2 times and Made a Huge amount of Glazed Terracotta Factories, and made the slaves (Including a few Foxos from the Korean Katal) work on them. Well, at least it made lots of money for the republic, But the Europeans weren't expecting something...

W A R ! ! !

Big jump to the 1910s. As the Japanese invaded Korea, the Koreans runned to the Korean Katal, Then creating the Kingdom of Katadelphia. Then in the 1940s with Japan invading the Koreans Again, they decided to attack Katadelphia, and as the Europeans were too busy fighting some sexy mustache guy, they also invaded the European colonies.

Ok, the war's over

In 1955, the UN Government decided that it was time for our country to be independent, so the Republic of Jeomto was created, They made an economical reform at the country, Introducing our today's currency (Jeomli Pound). The British still controlled the Province of Newcastle, but this was over in 1980. In 1985, They joined the Community of the Fiorkish Cities and in 1998, The Republic of Epsilon.


Forms of Government

Jeomto is a Semi Democratic Republic (Because Presidency is not Electable in this country) wich the Parties are the same of the RoE. The Elections Happen on 3-3 months and the positions are divided by President, Vice President, President of the Congress and 1st Speaker


As I said before, Jeomto has 5 Provinces (Or Cities), 17 Districts and 1 Special City, Their Provinces are, Katadelphia, Newcastle, San Filipe, Munhun and New Philippines.. We also have our Planned Capital, Munhwa.



Is Mostly composed by Comedy, Principaly Comic Books and Books with Pictures. Jeomish people also love to make Videogame memes, Principaly about games that People dont care that much, Like DDLC or Kid Icarus: Unprising


Jeomish People also Love theater, is mostly composed by Mario 64 Bloopers and YTPs. We also have a great affinity on DDLC Videos, Because the game is very part of Jeomish culture.


Our Favourite Music studio are the Random Encounters, Principaly because they make Videogame songs like 'Just Monika' or 'Papers, Please the Musical'.


Its main sport is the Soccer, it has the JFA (Jeomto Football Association) as its Main team. It also haves very much afinity with the Baseball and the Spleef.

National Holidays

March 23 - Umprisia Day (Kid Icarus: Unprising Releasing Day)
September 22 - Litararia Day (DDLC Releasing Day)
October 12 - Kids Day
December 19 - Ikaria Day (Kid Icarus Releasing Day)



For more info, see Jeomto Railways


For more info, see Jeomto National Roadways



For more info, see Munhwa Intl. Airport For more info, see FlyJeomto



It main Biome is Mesa, But it has a little bit of Forest at Katadelphia and Newcastle. It's most famous animal is the Prismarine Turtle, Only found at some Places in The Province of Newcastle


Its weather is very high in average, considering we are tallking about the Mesa Biome. its Highest Temp. Record was on North Isole, Katadelphia, with 51,4 °C (124,52 °F), and its lowest was on Luna, San Filipe, with 12,2 °C (54 °F). Country's average is between 25 °C and 35 °C.



We have many tourist atractions, like the Houston Beach, Marylebone Station, Kakaroto National Reserve, Munhwa National Museum, MRT Airplane Museum, Jose Rizal Monument, Alan Becker National Stadium, etc...


Mostly generated by the Giant Konkuk Wind Plant at the Estival Sea, We make sure that all of our Companies are Fully Eco-Friendly with at maximum 10% Carbon Emission, Thats why we

Exportation and Importation

Jeomto is the Biggest Exporter of Clay on the MRT, Thanks to the Port of Saint Luke in Newcastle, we earn more then 3B Mrtish Dollars per Year thanks of our mines at Katadelphia and New Phillipines, But as we cannot collect wood from our National Reserves, we Buy Wood mainly from Arcadia and Sunshine Coast.



Jeomto is the HQ of the Epsilonian Space Agency (or ESA), It Contains a huge Laboratory of Searching, wich chooses the Bestest of all of the Students to work for them. We also Produce many Medicaments, and we export them to many parts of the server.


It has the ISTC as its main TV Channel and Hi! as its main Internet Operator


As I said, we have many Medicaments, so it makes senses to have Huge hospitals, which are controlled by a Free Healthcare System


Similar to Health, Our schools are totally Free School System, Also provided by the RoE government. Pencils there are a bit more expensive because we cant collect wood, which means no pencil factories, so our only way of having Pencils is Buying them for other Cities.


Province Population
Newcastle.png Newcastle 43.136.724
Katadelphia.png Katadelphia 21.002.314
New Phillipines.png New Phillipines 15.000.325
Munhwa.png Munhwa 9.002.457
Munhun.png Munhun 8.646.973
Images (4).png San Filipe 5.134.678