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RichPlus Fuel
Founder & CEO woorich999
Motto Gotta Get The Plus Gas
Facts and figures
Headquarters Richville
Founded March 8th, 2018
Parent Company woorich Inc.


RichPlus Fuel is a gas station franchise founded by woorich999 in March 2018 after realizing the lack of gas stations with adequate rest stop facilities to cater towards thirsty and hungry drivers. RichPlus Fuel strives to provide quality products for affordable prices in a convenient location.


Freshee Tea

All RichPlus Fuel locations have a Freshee Tea Express location inside thanks to our exclusive contract with Freshee Tea to provide thirsty drivers with thirst-quenching drinks at affordable prices.

StarCity Telecom

RichPlus Fuel is proud to sell StarCity Telecom SIM Cards, Plan Reload Cards, and the TorchFlip phone for all our customers to use on the road. We believe that you should not be disconnected from the world while on the road.

Request A Location

If you would like a RichPlus Fuel station in your town, please contact woorich999 in game.

Size Space Cost
Mini TBD $10
Normal TBD $20


Location # City Nearest Transit Station Notes
#1 Richville Richville Central 1st Location
#2 Oasis Sands
#3 Tranquil Forest Tranquil Forest Central Features The Lil' Pump
#4 Superior Hills  ZN29  New Acreadium - Schiphol Airport
#5 Espil  C82  Espil - Cephyl Center